The All-New 2016 Chevy Camaro will pace the Indy 500

Updated March 21, 2015

As production of the 2015’s come to a close, the wraps are about to be pulled off the all-new 2016 Chevy Camaro and inside sources say it will pace the Indy 500 on May 24th.


We already know that the new Camaro will make its debut on May 16th at Belle Isle Park and with the Historic Indy 500 being just days after that it makes sense that it should be the Camaro. Belle Isle Park is home of the Detroit Grand Prix race and will be the perfect local to reveal the latest pony car from Chevy. Trust me the Camaro is no stranger to pacing the track, the car has already done the task seven time (1967, 1969/Camaro SS, 1982/Z28, 1993/Z28, 2009/Camaro SS, 2010/Camaro SS, 2011 and 2014/Camaro Z28) so it’s only fitting that they showcase the all-new 6th Generation Camaro at Indy again.


The new car is not scheduled to hit the dealerships until late fall this year, but there are plenty of sneak peeks and rendering to view. The Bow-Tie Boys are eager to see if the newest Camaro can knock the mighty Mustang GT off of its recent sales topping trend, but you can bet they also are ready to see more king of the street battles.

Some muscle car enthusiast have said the Chevy Camaro has lost its appeal and needs a fresh new look to keep up with the more modern looking Mustang. However, some fans are crying foul over the new 2015 (50th) Mustang saying it’s too modern and it getting away from the Pony car roots. Let’s face it, if modern muscle cars (Camaro, Challenger, and Mustang) are to keep selling cars they have to move with the changing times. If the manufactures move their designs too far forward the consumers scream that its look too European and if they keep with the retro theme as they all have recently, the cars begin to look dated quickly. However, the concept below looks like the retro theme might not be so bad to try again…not that I think Chevy would try this, it still looks cool.

2016 Camaro Concept art1

Making appearances at NASCAR races and the Indy 500 can win the hearts of many fans but will they rush to the dealers to purchase one? The old saying use to be “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday”, but I’m not sure that will apply to pacing the race. Maybe even build a specialty IROC-Z28 version again.

Iroc Z28 2016 Camaro



The all-new 2016 Chevy Camaro needs to stand on its design and styling and if the engineers have done their homework they should know what the consumers wants. It’s a fine balance between attracting the old school guys, and the new younger crowd who is ready to purchase a new sports car. The rendering I’ve seen look good and seem to have a fresh and funky new nose treatment. Slap some wide tires and a slick paintjob on it and let’s see it pace the field at speed and I’m sure it will sell like popsicles in July!


Chevy does have a lot riding on it with this new introduction because the Camaro’s rich history of classic pony cars are a tall act to follow, but they better have their A game ready when the spotlights are on. Let’s tune into the Indy 500 on May 24th and see how it looks and only time will tell how it does.



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