The Anticipation About 2014 Cars Coming Out

Published June 5, 2013

If there is anything the car enthusiasts need to be excited about the impending arrival of 2014, then it is the ultimate introduction of the electric cars coming out in 2014. Long gone are the days when the electric cars looked like they were used for Mars expeditions, the 2014 cars coming out and are driven by electrical power are luscious, elegant and absolute eye candies.


2014 cars coming out – BMW i3 2014

The news about the launching of the electric 2014 BMW i3 is way beyond important and exciting. When you have these two attributes and you combine them with the German giant BMW, you know you will get a vehicle that is perfect both on the inside and out. Of all of the 2014 cars coming out, I believe that the vehicle experts are dying to peek under the hood of this particular visual delight. To say that BMW is new on the market of electrical cars is absurd, however this notion has been written so many times that the general audience starts to apprehend it as absolute truth. When speaking of absolute truth, we have to say that BMW has explored the electric wheel drive options before and have actually developed thorough testing programs. These testing programs have been incorporated in the new MINI E as well as the ActiveE vehicle model, and the gained knowledge has been extremely helpful in the developing process of the i3. This car is a high tech, dedicated platform, CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) unibody model with minimalistic pretensions.  The innards of the car are trimmed in ecofriendly sustainable materials, with a dash of futuristic and tastefully considered technology.  And if all of this about the i3 is not very exciting for you, then I am sure that i8 hybrid plug in BMW will be the most anticipated of all the cars coming out in 2014. Just wait and see.



2014 cars coming out – Chevrolet Spark EV

If the 2014 cars coming out want to arrive in style, they need to start working on their great entrance now. This is a lesson learned well from Chevrolet, and they started with their 2014 plug in Spark EV campaign at the end of 2012. If there is one thing we love about Chevrolet, it is their great arrange of features and high affordability. We all may dream about getting behind the wheels of the BMW i8 sport coupe, however if we want to be eco conscious and cost effective, we better stick to Chevrolet.  This particular vehicle has everything you need of a car. It is spacious, good looking and makes perfect road presence. It is expected that Chevrolet will limit the sale of the model only on the northern part of the American continent, and it will come with a price tag around 30000 dollars. What to expect from the other models of cars coming out in 2014?



2014 cars coming out

2014 cars coming out should be ecofriendly in every sense of the word, proving that some cars are simply built to be electric cars. However, as we already know everything there is to know about the cars coming out in 2014, we can dream that the cars that will be envisioned for 2016 and 2017 will be more affordable and compact.



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