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The Arch KRGT-1 – Own One For $78,000!

Who Wants To Buy An Arch KRGT-1?

The KRGT-1: the result of an incredible partnership between Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger is a motorcycle that leaves us scratching our heads. At first glance, it makes you “Oh, it’s quite obviously a cruiser,” and then you look a little longer, and you think “Ah, it’s got some seriously sporty elements!” but then you see those weird front sets, and you go back to your original assessment. And then there’s the matter of the price, but we’ll get on to that later.


Now, Keanu is a fun guy to bash, but he’s more than just a Hollywood actor sticking his name on something. He’s a genuine rider that’s favored motorcycles for years, and we don’t need to tell you that; there are stories about his riding history all over the web, from his admirable quirk of buying a bike in whatever location he’s shooting movies in, to the fact that he’s only ever owned two cars – not to mention his bodacious telephone box. And the day he met Gard Hollinger and Arch Motorcycles was born was a great day for motorcycling in general. But the KRGT-1 is a little perplexing. It’s not a love hate thing for me, it’s more of an “I love that part,” and a “but that bit, not so much,” thing.

Overall, the concept is great: a versatile motorcycle that’s capable of contemporary performance figures, with a comfortable riding stance, and a retro themed look. From a design perspective, it takes a different approach to the Ducati Diavel, but the underlying ethos of the two remain the same. And that’s something to be applauded.

The KRGT-1 is powered by a sound S&S 2,032cc V-twin motor that runs off of EFI, and comes with an interesting Downdraft Induction System to free up some leg room either side of the V-twin engine – the side mounted intakes being a bit of a design issue… The motor has been mated to a custom 6-speed gearbox that has a high torque mainsheet. The engine has a claimed power of 126 hp, and around 165 Nm of torque.

The body is an interesting piece, featuring an extensive range of hand fabricated aluminum billet parts and an overall appearance that brings elements of the past and present together, whilst catering to both sports performance and comfort. The frame has been built from steel tube, with billet aluminum structural features. The gas tank has been machined from billet aluminum, the swing arm has also been hand machined, and features hollow recessed to accommodate the wiring and reduce overall weight.

On top of that, the KRGT-1 also boasts a comprehensive suspension package from Ohlins, an ISR brake system, MotoGadget accessories, and LED lights. Overall, the bike has a dry weight of 538 lbs.

It’s definitely a versatile sports cruiser, but the sports side of things seems to be a little lost in the final mix. However, if you were to invest in one, you can change a variety of the parts, such as the handlebars and foot control positions, to make it lean towards your desired taste. With a set off mid-sets, this could be a very sporty looking machine. Although, if you want one, be prepared to pay $78,000 in total, with $15,000 of that going down as an initial deposit. It seems a little overpriced, although for a limited edition machine, some people might be happy to pay that. However, for less than that, you can have a custom whatever the hell you want, that’s truly unique and original.

You could even get a Ducati Diavel Carbon for less than a third of the price…

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