The Arrinera Hussarya Is A Polish Supercar That Should Reach The Streets… We Hope

Published April 26, 2015

After we showcased the magnificent ATS 2500 GT and the crazy Finnish Toroidion 1MW concept, now we bring you the first batch of info about the new supercar coming straight from Poland. It seems that supercar companies are just starting to emerge as the economy booms and Arrinera is no different. However, Arrinera started its way from the ground up back in 2011 when the team unveiled the car named the Venocara. That was a rather intriguing supercar which looked a bit like a Lambo. Now, the things changed a bit and their Hussarya is apparently almost production-ready.


The Hussarya isn’t exactly new. They’ve revealed the “production ready” prototype back at the beginning of 2014, but they didn’t exactly produce anything since. Nevertheless, they were innovating a lot and the car revealed at the Poznan Motor Show just a few weeks ago clearly shows the evolution of the Hussarya which now certainly looks like it means business. It actually looks good, although the car revealed in Poznan doesn’t seem to be a production ready machine but a racing car.


It was reported before that the company founders employed magnificent Lee Noble for the tuning of the chassis and for the development of the exciting driving characteristics every supercar needs. We do not know how much of this is truth, but the fact is that Arrinera did their homework before they commenced constructing the car. The Hussarya chassis is of a monocoque type and it is built using carbon fibers and Kevlar. Extraordinary rigidity has been accomplished with the chassis weighing only a few hundred pounds. Apart from carbon fiber  and Kevlar, Arrinera used graphene (more nuts than carbon fiber) made parts for some elements thus keeping the weight down. Interestingly, only a year ago the motoring world was flooded with information about the first Poland supercar which was using steel made chassis. If the new chassis is indeed made out of carbon fiber and Kevlar, than it is obvious that Arrinera doesn’t like to cut corners and offer a car that is short of amazing.


New elements on the exterior include newly shaped lights, better looking rear end and enormous rear spoiler which is probably a part of the active  aerodynamic system meaning it can retract, act as a windbreak or provide downforce depending on the needs of the driver. As for the propulsion, we remember that the car from the year before was powered by the same engine used for the supercharged Corvette Z06. With 650 HP and 604 lb ft of torque, the GM sourced engine was able to propel the car to 62 mph in 3,2 seconds. It seems that Arrinera had something else in mind for this year. Apparently, they’ve installed some sort of a 8,2 V8 engine which produces 800 HP. With so much more power, the acceleration is surely better than before, but the official data are still far from being published.


Production of the car is slated to begin later this year. Unfortunately, we are speaking about the Arrinera Racing which is a racing GT4  car powered by an engine good for 500 HP. The real full fledged road car will hit the streets sometimes in 2016 (toward the end of the year of course) and it will probably cost some crazy money, so only really wealthy Arabs could buy it. First info we have says that the Arrinera Hussarya will cost more than $300.000 which is Lamborghini terrain.


All in all, the supercar from Poland just might hit the streets. Four years have passed since the introduction of the first  one and the Hussarya test car you see here represents the future  of this brand. Honestly, it isn’t that impressive, but we hope it will be impressive enough so the Polish supercar builders might live a better life than the guys building the Zenvo, the Noble, the Lykan and many other wannabe Ferraris.




Safet Satara
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