The Aston Martin Vanquish One of Seven Is A Carbon Fiber Garnished Masterpiece

Published June 7, 2015

If you think that this car has something to do with James Bond think again. There is almost no connection with the most famous fiction character although only seven examples of the car will be produced. Developed and built by Aston Martin, but modified and garnished by the Q (if you will the only tie with Bond), the Aston Martin Vanquish One of Seven is the ultimate toy for the rich. Actually, seven ultimate toys for the rich, because this line of vehicles has been ordered by one man – Markus Storck. Yes, one man has enough money to order seven (7, sieben in German) special edition Aston Martins just to complete his all time wish of owning a special Aston Martin car.


Interestingly, we found out that Storck, one of the biggest British cars enthusiasts, is a German who already ordered seven McLaren 650 S One of Seven to be made.Yes, he went  that far! Think about it – he has his own special edition McLaren and his own special edition Aston Martin with the same name tag. He also has some rather opulent Rolex watches and other things only the filthy rich could even imagine. However, this guy built his own empire as a founder and manager of the high-end bike company called Storck Bikes. Now, he’d like to enjoy the fruits of his work and if we are to judge by the Aston Martin Vanquish One of Seven, his fruits are plentiful.


The newest Vanquish is a magnificently looking car. It has timeless lines like almost anything that ever came out from the Aston Martin factory and now the Q did their magic to every unit ordered by Storck. They are all black, all adorned with a wealth of carbon fiber elements and all look absurdly elegant and refined. As his bikes resonate with high-end tech and lightweight construction, Storck wanted the same to be done to his cars. The Q had to figure out how to integrate as much carbon fiber as possible. This way, Aston demonstrated just how insane their bespoke division can go when you provide them with enough dough.


Carbon fiber used for the construction of this car isn’t the carbon fiber you can find anywhere else. Aston Martin engineers had to come up with all new carbon fiber weaving process ensuring top grade quality and absolutely smooth finish which is rather hard to achieve with carbon fiber built elements. The result of the efforts is a car adorned with carbon fiber elements on the hood, the doors, the bonnet and on many parts inside the cabin. Also, the wheels have been selected through a painstaking process and the stitching inside has been done by the best craftsmen that the Aston Martin Q division employs.


Seven units of this finely customized car will be produced. One of the them will be delivered to Storck, and Storck will sell the remaining cars to his friends who share his affection for British cars.


Interestingly, the engine, suspension and all other elements of the drivetrain weren’t changed. The car is still powered by a V12 engine delivering 570 HP which propels the Vanquish to a top speed of 201 mph.

The price is, of course,unknown. Storck has enough money for anything, but the Q expenses must have been rather high. We can safely assume that this Aston costs north of $400.000.


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