The Aussies Get First RHD 2016 Shelby Super Snake!

Take A Closer Look At The Impressive 2016 Super Snake!

Updated November 13, 2018

When Ford introduced the sixth generation mustang they were bent on world domination. In fact, according to Ford’s media post on April 20, the Mustang was the best-selling sports coupe in the world for 2015. Taking the title as “the only sports coupe to sell more than 100,000 units” last year is rather impressive.

Now that the world is able to enjoy America’s pony car, it means they can also enjoy the Mustang’s most famous tuner, Shelby American, and Australia is about to find out first hand just how powerful a Shelby Mustang can be.

2016 Shelby Super Snake Front

Completed by Mustang Motorsport outside Melbourne, this beautiful red Shelby Super Snake is the first one in Australia. While the steering wheel is on the right, this ‘stang comes loaded with all the Shelby Super Snake goodies including the supercharger. With 750+ horsepower, this Snake blows by the competition including Roush and Saleen!

2016 Shelby Super Snake engine

The Shelby American Facebook page posted “Are you as excited as we are that the Ford Mustang is now available in RHD for our friends around the world? … 750+HP still looks and sounds beautiful even when the steering wheel is on the wrong side;-)”

2016 Shelby Super Snake interior

Even better than the post quoted above was the response they had to a Facebook critique saying “it’s not a real Snake” and “it’s just a ‘tarted up’ GT with a billion Shelby badges”:

2016 Shelby Super Snake FB comment

Whether it’s a real Super Snake to you or not, a 750+ horsepower monster from Ford and Shelby American running the streets of Melbourne sounds pretty awesome to me. Let’s just hope the future owner stays away from obstacles at the local car show so everyone can enjoy this for years to come! For more info on the Super Snake, enjoy the gallery below and check out our original write-up here.

Photos Courtesy Shelby American.


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