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Aston Martin Vanquish 2013

The Beauty That Is The 2013 Aston Martin Vanquish

Published September 27, 2012

In this segment of we are going to review a car that has been retooled not only for the sake of technology, and power, but also for the sake of beauty, style, and the pursuit of excellence. The 2013 Aston Martin Vanquish is car that can only be rivaled by the likes of it’s more expensive sibling, the One-77, and that is truly saying a lot. So let’s take a moment to review the Vanquish, and what it has to offer a potential 2013 Aston Martin Vanquishdriver for the year 2013.

The Aston Martin Vanquish is a name that is more than familiar to the any one who loves their Queen, and never complains about the unevenness of the cobblestone roads in Warwickshire, where the car was made. If anything at all when someone even mentions the name Vanquish, all that comes to mind is soft, and supple creamy leather, custom hand stitched seats, and trim. A color palette that would make Van Gogh jealous. The slopped bonnet so long, that you could hold dinner service for four on it. These are things that are known far and wide about the Vanquish, but what new tricks have come about for this prized possession of man’s desires? Let’s see.

The power for the 2013 Aston Martin Vanquish was a slight factor in which, like all new cars, you would expect more power, and the technicians at AM delivered. The AM11 V12 motor is the same as before, but with a few tweaks, this time around the Variable Valve Timing was adjusted, the intake manifolds were Vanquish AM 2013reshaped, lighter Cams were sourced, and then for an added kick, the exhaust was replaced for a more throaty sound when revving the engine. A lighter front end section was introduced the 2013 Aston Martin Vanquish, and with this the entire motor sits lower to not only assist in achieving a near perfect 50/50 car balance, but also aide in better overall handling. Mated to the now 565hp V12 is the familiar ZF6HP six speed automatic transmission. AM engineers opted not go with a bigger gearbox for technical reasons. Even with the classic gearbox, the 2013 Aston Martin Vanquish will achieve a top speed of 183mph, and a zero to 60 time of 4.3 seconds.

After going over the power, we take a moment to discuss the beauty factor of the Vanquish. AM took a page from the One-77, and opted to make the interior a full bespoke option. Any new owner of 2013 Aston Martin Vanquish will have choices that will tickle the senses, and make all others jealous with envy. Exterior wise, the AM Vanquish keeps is familiar shape, with some new aerodynamic enhancements, such as lower fascia/chin spoilers, that Aston Martin 2013 Vanquish Interiorare made from Carbon Fiber. A new sporty looking side skirt option has been added to also accentuate the gentle rake that the Vanquish is so very well known for. At the rear of the car is another Carbon fiber piece that acts as both a designer add-on, as well as a functioning lower air foil. Completing the exterior package is a set of standard 20” wheels wrapped in Perelli Z-rated rubber tires. This new 2013 Vanquish is more than a machine, it’s a time piece that captures the heart, and soul of a man who has never had an opportunity to relish in the belief that there is something more to life than simple A to B driving. The Vanquish is a car that will allow you to become one with it, and from that point forward all bets are off, especially when it comes time to separate yourself from it, and once again join reality.





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