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Can the Beetle Swim?

The Beetle Shark Cage. Can a Beetle Really Swim?

Updated August 14, 2012

So, who among all of you readers like, or even love watching Shark Week? The simple fascination with these majestic animals that move around the ocean so effortlessly. The words power, and poise come to mind, when I think about sharks. What also comes to mind, is the scene of a Great White jumping out of the water, while in pursuit of a baby seal. Simply breath taking. What doesn’t come to mind, when I think about sharks are, Volkswagens. But it seems like VW found a way to change that line of thinking.

It was somebody’s great idea to say, “Hey, what if we made a shark cage that could move?” There wasShark Cage, 2012 Beetle probably a long pause in room after that statement was made, and then something must have clicked. Marine biologist Luke Tipple, lent his expertise, to the engineers at Volkswagen, and together they created a one of a kind shark cage modeled after a 2013 Volkswagen Turbo Beetle. At first the idea was a bit sketchy, but non the less it was a hit. It would be a nostalgic collaboration of sorts, commemorating Discovery Channel’s long, and successful run of the hit series Shark Week. Also as a bonus it would be something that has never been done before, proving that Bugs can swim with the fishes.

2012 Beetle, 2012 Beetle Shark CageThe Beetle Shark Cage, has been crafted from pure Aluminum, to keep the rust factor to a minimum. The shape of course, as mentioned is the exact replica of a new Turbo Beetle, just minus the interior, the exterior, the motor, transmission, trunk, and engine bay. So it looks like something you would see sitting next to your kid’s jungle gym at the park. The designers at VW even went as far as to include the signature Beetle headlights. Thrown into the mix are set of 18” Alloy wheels, and tires, to help the cage glide along the sandy ocean floor. A set of twin propellers provide propulsion (Try saying that 3x fast!) so that the Beetle Shark Cage can get the divers moving if needed. Finishing the deal is an air system that is so advanced, the entire VW, and Shark Week teams have been sworn to secrecy, on explaining how it works. Or at least until it has proven its merit underwater.

The Beetle Shark Cage is something, that most likely could have been thought of before, but just wasn’t found by the right person. This project proves that, with a positive mind set, the right set of peers, and a strong enough belief in yourself, anything small can become something great. Shark Week’s 25th Anniversary starts on August 14th at 9pm, so even if you miss it, you can always check here on Gearheads for the hidden links in this article.



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