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Bentley Continental GT

The Bentley Continental GT

Published August 27, 2012

Ever since Walther Owen Bentley founded Bentley in 1919, they have been manufacturing high-end luxury automobiles. In 1924, Walther built Bentley cars that won the 24-hour Le Mans race, and he was able to continue this in a series of consecutive wins from 1927-1930. In 1931, Rolls Royce purchased Bentley, and then in 1998 Volkswagen bought Bentley and has owned them to this day. Current production of Bentley takes place in London, England.


Today, Bentley presents a modern rendition of their extensive history, the Bentley Continental GT. The Continental GT combines the great luxury and speed Bentley is known for. The Bentley is fitted with a twin turbo 6.0-liter W12 engine, and is 5,000 pounds of pure luxury.


The Bentley GT continental is also good quality, and reliable. The interior is beautiful, combining Bentley’s rare woods and quilted leather to create an outstanding and lasting impression on the driver. The Bentley has been mostly crafted by the human hand, increasing quality of the car. All the leather in the car is hand stitched and hand crafted and the car’s dash and interior components are hand assembled. The Bentley is also primed and painted by hand.


The fact that the Bentley involves such intensive labor by hand just adds to the value and greatness of the car. All of the small details such as the interior parts and little things like the stitching on the seats of the Bentley are an example of their devotion to perfection. The Bentley’s large size and longer hood create a large space between the end of the car and the driver. This makes the Bentley very safe to drive. In addition, the fact that Bentley’s are made by hand limits the number produced, therefore you have a much rarer car.


I like how Bentley has combined luxury, speed, and performance into one car. Typically luxury cars fall into two categories: either they are beautiful, comfortable, executive, and have more of an elderly feeling to them, or they are built for speed and performance and made to race. Either car is wonderful depending on your mood. So with these cars, you would want to own two. When you want to go fast and have an exhilarating sensation, then you should buy a Lamborghini or Ferrari, assuming you are well funded. And then your second car could be Rolls Royce for when you want to relax, feel executive or take it slow and enjoy things.


However, with Bentley’s combination of luxury and performance, they have virtually eliminated the need for two cars to satisfy both moods. When you buy an executive-type car, usually it has a very subtle and discreet look. On the other hand, a high-end sports car will stand out and look aggressive, as if it were built to fly. Bentley, however, has combined these two different styles together to create a car that looks fast and discreet at the same time. One car fits all: the Bentley GT Continental.



Calvin Escobar
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