Best Cars to Purchase in 2013

The Best Buy Automobiles of 2013

Updated March 28, 2014

With the New Year now upon us, there’s no better time to take advantage of some of the offers and deals that are available from car dealers.  Traditionally it’s a time when dealerships and manufacturers will run promotions for people looking to buy a new motor vehicle.  Here’s my list of what I believe will be the best buy and best value cars of the year ahead in 2013.

Best Sedan for the Family – Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE

Don’t just take my word for it, read all the online consumer reviews.  Typical comments include references to how nice to drive this sedan is as well as the performance ratings – in essence it ticks all boxes that you might want from a family sedan including coming with loads of room for when you go shopping or on a driving vacation.

Best Small Sedan – Toyota Corolla

Small can be beautiful, and none more so when looking at the design of the new Toyota Corolla.  Handling is impressive, it sticks to the road well, gives extremely good value for money and fuel economy – plus looks like one of the neatest and smartest cars on the road in 2013.

Best Upscale Sedan – Acura TSX

Acura is the luxury arm of the Honda brand.  Admittedly it’s on the pricey side so don’t expect to get much change when handing over the money – but what you get for your cash is very impressive.  The attention to detail both internally and externally is second to none and manages to combine the best elements from the American and Japanese car traditions.

Best Luxury Sedan – Cadillac CTS

This is the only car on my list that is manufactured by a United State’s car company.  It’s high scale, expensive, and comes with all the bells and whistles – just what you would expect from a Cadillac CTS.  It is very low in terms of how many miles you will get to the gallon, but you will definitely be arriving in style if you choose this best buy automobile for 2013.

Best Small Hatchback – Toyota Prius

Cheap, and very cheerful are just two words to describe the Prius.  Driving this small hatchback won’t break the bank as it is estimated to cost less than half of the average automobile in terms of running costs each year – definitely reason to give this model and second look when in the car showroom in January.

Best Minivan – Toyota Prius V

If you know the standard Prius then you are in for a treat as the V model is simply that, but with loads more room inside.  Admittedly it can be a little bit fuel hungry but having said that you can still expect to get around forty miles to the gallon out of it – which is no mean feat when you flip the hood up and see how impressive the engine looks as well as the improved acceleration speeds.

Best Large SUV – Lexus RX 350

Lexus tends to stand for luxury, and the new RX 350 is no exception to that rule.  Yes, the handling is a bit shaky and the steering could be improved but look past that and you will see exactly what makes this SUV rank so highly.  It comes with all the luxury features you would expect including rear view camera, fully integrated satellite navigation system (no need for your Garmin anymore), and heated seats just to name three.

Best Small SUV – Honda CR-V EX

Japanese brand Honda are amongst the best selling in the United States as well as being affordable and competitively priced all year around.  In terms of rival small SUVs, none really match up to the Honda CR-V.  It’s safe, comes with security features, and should give you the peace of mind if you drive your family around due to the airbags in both front and rear passenger seats.




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