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The Best Countries For Driving Holidays

Updated September 29, 2013

There’s more to the pleasures of owning a car than posing next to it at the beach or showing off your cheap private number plates. Driving holidays are a great way to see the world without having to spend a fortune.  You can explore the places that you want to go to, stopping when you feel like it, and diverting from your planned route when something catches your eye.  They offer more freedom than package tours, and can be just as luxurious as long as you pick the right destination.  You can meet some great people on the road too.  Here’s a list of our top picks for driving holiday destinations.


Australia is a great place to explore, and renting a car makes it easy for you to see the entire country.  Whether you’re exploring the 300km expanse of the Great Ocean Road, or driving up towards the Great Barrier Reef, driving around the country offers the opportunity to take in all of the sights.

The Amalfi Coast, Italy

There are a lot of gorgeous regions in Europe, but the Amalfi Coast is perhaps the most spectacular of them all. Taking a trip across Europe to the Amalfi Coast will give you a chance to soak up the tranquil atmosphere and enjoy the dazzling mountains, the lush green vegetation, and the peaceful villages.

The Rhine Valley, Germany

The Rhine Valley is one of the most famous and popular spots for driving holidays.  Driving in Germany is a relaxing and liberating experience, and the autobahns are much more enjoyable to drive on than the motorways of many other countries. Holidaymakers can enjoy exploring the country’s rich architecture, deep history, and varied scenery.  The food and drink in Germany is nice too!


You’ll need to rent a car to go on a driving holiday in the states, but if you don’t mind driving a rented car then you’ll love taking the trip through California to San Francisco.  Driving inside the city can be a stressful experience, but once you’re on the freeways you’ll enjoy some amazing views. Follow the Pacific Coast Highway and you can see wineries, redwood forests, fishing villages, and more.

There are many other places that are ideal for driving holidays.  Before you decide to head off on an international trip, however, you should make sure that you’re comfortable with driving long distances.  Consider taking short day-trips first as a “trial run”.  Once you’re on your trip, if you feel too tired to continue driving then you could have to miss some destinations you really wanted to see, or your driving holiday could turn in to a stressful experience.

Before you head off on your holiday, make sure that you get your car serviced, and that it is clean, all the fluid levels are topped up, and everything is in perfect working order.  While you’re at home you may be able to get away with just polishing your cherished number plates, but when you’re abroad you can’t afford a breakdown.

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