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The Best Maintenance App For Your Car

Updated March 27, 2014

Ever since the start of Smart Phones like the android, the iPhone and the Blackberry, there have been apps to satisfy all your needs that you could possibly having. Literally, there are apps for absolutely everything. Now, for car lovers, I recently found this app that has made the whole maintenance thing so much easier.

This app includes everything for your car – keeps you organized and allows you to keep all the information you need to have about your car in one place. It saves time from rummaging through receipts and papers trying to figure out dates and locations of things.

Does not matter how hard you try sometimes you will lose your receipts and if you have more than one car, everything will become confusing – this app helps you.

Car Minder Plus App for the iPhone helps you handle three main points

  1. Car Maintenance
  2. Repairs
  3. Gas

One of the great things about this app is that it will allow you to log and keep track of fuel use in your car. All you have to do is record when you fill up gas and then it will not only tell you when you filled up gas last but since then how much gas you are using on average. This is good for when you want to know if someone has been using your car.

A very handy thing about the Repairs section is that it is adjustable. What this means is that you can add any custom things you have done – the unexpected necessary changes. It will tell you when you should re fill on oil, but it will not tell you that you need to fix your window when someone breaks it.

Favorite Part – Your iPhone is a web browsing device, hence when you diagonoe the issue with the help of the app it can take you right to a repair shop. For example when I summulated a broken transmission I instantly found a local transmission repair shop. If you do not have data on your phone, you will be forced to wait until you get to a computer with internet before you can get to any local transmission website.


For some people this is irrelevant because they are the only person that uses their car, but for some people this can be an issue. If you are not the only person that uses the car you cannot keep track of every mile you do – any gas fills you do not do

Be sure to do your due diligence before taking your car to a mechanic. I recommend going to or and checking the reviews on the mechanic of your choice before you drop your car off – if the shop is know for having issues with quality or service, its likelly that someone took the time write about it!



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