The BMW 3 series Facelift Gets The First Three Cylinder Engine And It’s Not A Hybrid

Published May 11, 2015

Ever since the idea of the executive compact sedan was born, the BMW 3 series was there to make it worthwhile. The 3 series is, without a doubt, one of the most important car that ever made its way onto the road and with the fantastic blend of comfort, sporty driving characteristics and magnificent engines available all across the range, the BMW 3 series may just be the most perfect sedan there is. And now, the new one is out, and, please, bear in mind that this one could cause pain- it has a three cylinder engine in it.


Let that sink for a minute. Three cylinders in the BMW 3 series. Yes, that is a car which was made famous by its insanely powerful and exceptionally good in line six cylinder engines and now, BMW cut the number of cylinders in half. True, we are not sure whether the three cylinder model is coming to the US, but just by knowing that the BMW 3 series can be had with a three cylinder engine is somehow wrong. It’s like seducing a really beautiful girl and then removing the breast implants she had to make her more perfect. It will not work, will it!?


Well, the BMW three cylinder engine isn’t exactly a bad one. With 1,5 liter of capacity, this engine and twinpower turbo technology has been used to power the exceptional BMW i8 hybrid and if it’s good for the $140.000 car it has to be good for the $35.000 car too.


The redesign is not all about that three cylinder engine, although that is the novelty we didn’t frankly want to hear . It seems that BMW designers were on a vacation when this thing has been worked on. The looks are basically the same as before. That is not bad by any means, but BMW accustomed us to significant changes to its cars during the midlife redesign. Now, though, we lack that part of the show, but the changes that did take place definitely made the 3 series a bit more grown up and a bit more perfect to say the least.


It will be hard to notice the redesign car just by looking at it. First of all, the headlight changes aren’t as profound as before. LED lights now garnish the front and at the back, changes are only visible on the upper trims, were LED rear lights are standard. If you are some kind of a BMW guru, you might notice that this one has a set of brand new wheels and a new paint on it making it look evil, but elegant at the same time.


The Interior basically tells the same story as the outside. You’ll have to use a microscope to find something that will tell you that this really is a newer car than the one you were looking at a month ago. The changes however, include new materials, better sound insulation, more upscale automatic aircon controls and a brand new navigation screen now with satellite navigation 4G LTE connectivity (novelty for Europe at least) and a handful of newly styled decorations. So, nothing special, but just enough to make you want this car even more than before.


What will really make you want it more is the new version of the thing called the 340i. A long, long time ago BMW produced the 340 (apparently it was the first German car produced after WW2) and it was nothing like the one revealed now. The 340i isn’t exactly a number we have seen a lot from BMW. Actually, we have never seen it and now behind the 340i plaque lurks a three liter flat six turbocharged engine good for 326 HP and 332 lb ft of torque. If you aren’t already in queue to get that mad M3, than this certainly is the car you should go after. As for the other novelties under the bonnet, BMW updated its whole range of diesel engines and revealed the 330e plug-in hybrid which apparently can return insane 112 mpg.



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