BMW M Performance Steering Wheel

The BMW M Performance Steering Wheel. A New Grip on Racing.

Updated February 7, 2017

OK, everybody let’s get right to it. In recent news BMW has found yet another way to incorporate BMW M Series Badgeracing technology into their everyday driving cars, such as the 1 Series, & 3 Series models. BMW took it upon themselves, to add another proverbial piece to the Ultimate Drive Machine, and in doing so called upon German motor sports expert Tim Schrick to help design this new piece of automotive fun.

BMW M Performance Steering WheelWhat BMW has come up with is a purely race inspired steering wheel that will allow drivers to become better infused with their cars when they drive, and not just only on the track, but for everyday driving chore s as well. With this new BMW M Performance Steering Wheel, a glance is all that it will take to see how your engine is reacting to your right foot. The BMW M Performance Steering Wheel has a few features worth mentioning. First off it has been designed with a flat bottom for better ease of movement. Secondly there are a set of OLED lights that take over the roll of the tachometer. In other words, a driver will no longer need to peer past the steering wheel to see, or tell where his/her RPM’s are. The OLED lights will signify how the RPM’s are climbing, and then it can also be calibrated for the optimum shift point. Another feature of the BMW M Performance Steering Wheel is how it feels in the hands of the driver. The steering wheel is wrapped in a material that can only be described as “Open pore Carbon & Alcantara”. Which simply means, that gripping this wheel will do more for your hands than using lotion three times a day.

BMW has introduced this new steering wheel into their M Performance Parts lineup, and is expecting2012 BMW M3 some pretty good sales numbers from enthusiasts who love everything about their BMW’s. As it stands now the new steering is available on the BMW website, under M Performance, and prices for the new item start at $1,653 dollars. It hurts my heart to even say it, but if you are like most BMW fans, who would do anything for their cars, that price will mean nothing to you. Me on the other hand, I will stick to my own racing wheel, while playing FORZA on my friend’s X-Box 360. It only cost $45 bucks, and it the only fuel it requires is an .88 cent Powerade from Walmart. Oh, Well, to each his own, I’m about to go and game it up people. Until the next one, keep it between the guard rails, and stay safe.   





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