The BMW M550d G-Power Is A Diesel Orgazam With 435 HP And A Top Speed Of 186 Mph

Published April 9, 2015

Talking about diesel and a German super saloon in the same sentence is something that would be considered a sacrilege only 15 years ago. Nowadays, the things have changed and super saloons from Germany are actually powered by diesel engines. Three liter diesel monsters from Audi and BMW show that diesel can be a lot of fun and while every other manufacturer on the world lacks the immense power of German built diesel machines the Beemer goes one step further.


Releasing their M550d, BMW showed the world that diesel engines can be as monstrous as any other petrol powered unit. The three turbo unit is certainly of the best engines ever devised by engineers and with 381 HP and 545 lb ft of torque, this monstrous engine provides insane performance to the BMW 5 series. Consider that the M550d can accelerate to 62 mph in 4.7 seconds which is the same you’d get driving the BMW E60 M5. That car was and still is one of the best cars ever produced and its V10 naturally aspirated engine is so good it could easily become the “International Engine of The Year” If its considered for this year’s award. Despite such a great engine the M550d with a diesel inside is equally as fast.


Some, however, don’t find that fast enough. Now we are talking about German tuners G-Power who took the M550d Sport Touring and improved its engine in such a way that the change made the BMW M550d the fastest diesel powered BMW station wagon in the world. The magic that enabled them to do such a great thing is called the D-Tronik 5 V1. It is actually a performance module which precisely controls the cooling of the engine, driving needs of the driver and improves the performance only in the moments when the engine construction can cope with it.


To get the grasp of that what the D-Tronik 5 V1 actually does we might say that it allows the engine software to help the engine to produce in excess of stock 381 HP only when the engine coolant is cool enough so it can keep the temperature in the “green” zone. The only question is how much power they “instructed” the engine to produce. Dyno said it is 435 HP and insane 626 lb ft of torque! Now, we’re talking.


Getting so much power from a small six cylinder three liter diesel engine isn’t that easy, but G-Power (and BMW) managed. The acceleration time to 62 mph dropped to 4,5 seconds (as fast as the older Porsche Carrera and 0,2 seconds slower than M5 F10), the top speed rose to electronically limited 168,6 mph and the car gained even more power to play with on the track. As it seems, 168,6 mph isn’t that fast. Some diesel cars can already reach these speeds; the keyword here is that G-Power electronically limited the car. Apparently, without the limiter the M550d G-Power can hit 186 mph and that is something every German should be proud of.


Diesel powered German saloons is something Europeans really like. Due to enormous torque such sedans and station wagons indeed are very, very fast and powerful. When BMW introduced the M550d the whole world stopped a bit to try to comprehend the intention and now with the G-Power tune program, one question arises – Are diesels taking a new major leap in comparison with any other propulsion system!?



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