The Brabus 850 6.0 Biturbo Widestar Weighs Like Three Lotus Elises

Published September 7, 2015

Here we go again with the tuned G63 AMG. This time, the G-Wagen was given to Brabus engineers and they didn’t hold back on it. This is what happens when the Frankfurt Motor Show is just round the corner – miracles we didn’t expect. This may not be the most powerful or the scariest G63 AMG ever, however, it is so meticulously done that its looks and the sheer drama involved are simply astonishing.


It is called the 850 6.0 Biturbo Widestar and you are right to ask where the hell did they find a six-liter engine for this beast!? Well, this is Brabus and they didn’t find anything – they’ve built it. A thorough job was done to build this machine. Starting with the engine, Brabus magicians increased the bore and installed bigger (99-millimeter diameter) forged pistons with bigger stroke than before. Of course, all eight cylinders were increased resulting in an increase of the engine capacity from AMG-like 5,5 liter to Brabus-like six liters. A V8 like this definitely fits great under the hood of the G-Class and boy does it make it go like hell. However, after redesigning the engine, Brabus made serious adjustments to the ECU, cooling system, intakes, exhaust, turbochargers and basically everything related.


The most interesting addition is „Gold Heat Reflection” sheathing on the intake and charge air pipes. Apparently, the shielding helps to bring the temperature down considerably and improve the air-fuel mix ultimately draining more power from the six-liter engine. We are talking here about a hypercar-like power output. This thing is 300 HP more powerful than the stock version. With 850 HP and insane torque of 1.069 lbs, the Brabus tuned G Widestar is in a class of its own.


Not only did it get an upgraded 7G tronic tranny, improved axles and redesigned suspension, but now the enormous 23 inch Brabus Monoblock alloys are getting all the monstrosity from the engine to the road. And boy is it fast. This brick like thing with the weight of three Lotus Elise cars can achieve 60 in less than 4 seconds. I mean, really! Less than four!? That the same *hit the Porsche Carrera GT could do a decade ago any all of us were nursing a semi thinking about it. Well, get that right hand back in the action as this thing is capable of doing 160 mph and immersing you into a sound so mesmerizing you’ll forget you are doing less than 10 mpg’s killing a whole lot of whales in the process.


This is a shouty car. It is like a billboard moving fast on the autobahn and to make all the things as interesting as they need to be, Brabus gave it a quite comprehensive carbon fiber treatment. On the other hand, the inside is as luxurious as it can be. Aluminum all in the right places, leather all over the cabin, alcantara making everything a whole lot nicer and enormous LCD screens imply that Bill Gates could use this thing. So, all the bits and bobs are in the place and the quality of the work done is bespoke.


You may imagine the price is bespoke too.



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