911 Porsche Centro

The Centro 911 Seating For One Sir?

Updated November 8, 2012

Cenrto 911 PorscheWelcome to, where in today’s segment we will review one man’s dream, to own a car that he could never share with anyone, ever. It sounds a bit ridiculous, but it has been done, and technically speaking it doesn’t look half bad.

Here’s the premise behind this madness. (In my opinion) what if you wanted a car that looked like a Porsche, drove like a Porsche, sounded like a Porsche, even gets the ladies’ panties wet like a Porsche? Well most likely you would go get a Porsche, right? So now, what if you were one of those people who really doesn’t enjoy company when you drive, what do you then do?

These are your three options, one you keep your doors locked at all times, and let no one near the passenger porsche Centro 911side door. Two, you could make the car smell really weird, and this would keep people from even thinking about asking for a ride. Or three, build a One Seater Porsche, and simply laugh when people scratch their heads trying to figure out why is there a seat missing. Well apparently option three is what Nigel Tuckey did with a 2011 Porsche 911 Cabriolet. This man figured what would be so wrong about enjoying a drive in a fabulous sports car, alone? It sounds a little selfish, and yet the other side of this coin is oddly appealing.

The Centro 911, as it is called came to life quite some time ago, but had to be finalized, and tested so that this car would not have any real flaws that anyone would dare to 911 Porsche Centropick apart. Nigel’s goal of the build was to emulate, what it would feel like to drive a car that had a central driver’s position, similar to the original McLaren F1 supercar. Many people have marveled at the McLaren’s seating design, and have dreamed about driving one to see what the experience is like, but of course not many can afford the price to own a McLaren, let alone find someone who will them drive it around. Nigel’s Centro 911 encompasses that very feeling, and pulls it off rather well. The team that built the Centro 911 went with a Porsche for a couple of reasons. One being the engine is in the back, two modifications would be at a minimal, and lastly, the car would look completely stock if the top were up. But once the top is down, there you have your WOW factor.





Being that this is the only one of it’s kind, and the popularity of the Centro 911 is steadily climbing, Nigel has Centro 911 Porscheplans on building another one of these cars, with a few more unplanned tweaks. The next Centro 911 may incorporate additional seating, more power, and some other gadgets that may find their way into the car. So, be on the look out for the next Centro 911, it just might pop up next to you on the highway sooner than you think.


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