Chevy Cruze's Sexy Daughter is Hot!! TRU indeed.

The Chevy TRU 140S Concept.

The Chevy TRU 140S Concept Is A “Youth Inspired” Power House!

Updated October 21, 2018

Let’s get right to it, and quickly break down the announcement of GM’s new “Youth Inspired” set of cars based off of the Chevy Cruze line. First off, the Chevy Cruze was introduced last year, into the small car market , facing off against cars like the Toyota Corolla, Nissan Versa, and of course the Honda Civic. As popular as the Cruze has become, it isn’t quite hitting the full spectrum of buyers GM wants. So what do you do when of your more popular cars is stuck being purchased buy a specific age of buyers? You tweak it.

Chevy TRU 140S 1

You remaster your art form, and give it a new lease on life. With that said, GM sought out to not only remake the Cruze, but make it irresistibly hot, to one and all. So we have the new Chevy TRU 140S concept, and the Chevy Code 130R. How would’ve thought you could pull two cars from one chassis. Anyway, we’re going to mull over the prospect called the TRU 140S. Like the original Cruze, the TRU 140S is a FWD vehicle that, shares the same power plant as the Code 130R. A potent four cylinder, 1.4L turbo charged, 150+hp Ecotech engine is what the TRU 140S, will be using to back up any threats from the compact car market. The TRU 140S’s design seems to pick up where the Honda Civic Type R, left off. Very smooth, and contoured lines grace the front, and rear fascias of the car. An extremely swept back windshield, and dome shaped roof are vaguely reminiscent of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Concept car, but GM made sure they kept their car a TRU to form Domestic Compact.

Chevy TRU 140S 2

In keeping with the flow of the Youth Inspired generation, the TRU 140S will be stomping around town in a set of custom GM 21” Titanium Slate Grey wheels, and stopping power would most likely come from six piston calipers in the front, and four piston calipers in the rear. LED’s accent the front of this concept, while a dual exhaust demands the attention of all who dare to sit behind it, and stare for too long. GM speculates that the TRU 140S, if/when it’s produced the prices will start around $20,000, which by any means will be a steal.

This newest descendants of the Cruze are strikingly different, and will do nothing more than spark an honest sibling rivalry. The sleek, and sexy lines of the TRU, or the RWD kick of the Code 130R, are definitely going to attract the younger market GM is looking for. Now it comes down to which one will you choose, when the time is right? Thanks For Reading, See Ya Soon.

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