Eight Speed Transmission

The Chrysler-Dodge-RAM Eight Speed Transmission

This Dodge Eight Speed Transmission Is Versatile AND Efficient!

Updated September 1, 2018

We look at the future of versatility and efficiency with the eight speed transmission

Eight Speed Transmission

I’ve been knocking on Chrysler for years as the products they were placing onto the open market seemed dated and behind the curve of the competition. Today we see that Chrysler, with the help of Fiat, is starting to change the game and become a top contender in efficiency and design. What’s interesting is the fact that Chrysler is looking to place the 8HP 8-speed transmission in a variety of large vehicles that will be rear-wheel-drive as well as all-wheel-drive.

The biggest fear that customers having is the fact that they’re skeptical as I was about the amount of torque and horsepower that this eight speed transmission can handle. But if we look at this transmission we see that it’s already been found in the top end 2013 BMW 760Li and in order for the transmission to go into BMWs flagship it has to be able to be able to handle moving such a large vehicle with 12 cylinders connected to it. What’s impressive about this 8HF transmission is that it showing roughly 15% increase in efficiency over your standard five-speed automatic. Plus if efficiency is not enough for you also have shifting down to 200 ms.

Eight Speed Transmission efficiency

Currently the transmission can handle around 500 lb-ft of torque but as we see newer generations going into vehicles like the 2013 RAM 1500 we might possibly see the later generation transmission being installed which will handle around 750 lb-ft of torque. We also see that the all-wheel-drive version of the transmission will be able to handle around that much torque. We’ve already seen the 2012 and 2013 Chrysler 300 receive this 8 speed transmission which is delivering around 31 miles per gallon. This certainly makes the 300 and more appealing full-size sedan as customers are looking for more efficiency. What’s going to be interesting is all the other vehicles Chrysler and Fiat are going to be installing these eight speed transmission in. It looks like the 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel will also be getting eight speed automatic transmission therefore delivering over 30 miles per gallon in a full-size SUV. And if they can pull this off with the Jeep Grand Cherokee so can they do it with the Jeep Wrangler which would makes for more interest as buyers are looking for more efficiency today.

Eight Speed Manual Transmission Vehicles

So this looks to be a winner as more manufacturers are looking to install this 8HP eight speed transmission. It looks like Volkswagen is also taking interest in installing the transmission and their larger vehicles. We know that there’s nothing like rowing through the gears of the six-speed manual that this transmission will make the slapstick automatic little more fun as you got eight gears to choose from. Plus it is currently being built in Indiana. So your Chrysler is imported from Indiana not Detroit. Tell us what you think about the direction Chrysler Group is headed.

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