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The Detroit Electric SP:01 Starts Its Way Like A Tesla Roadster

The Lotus Exige based electric sports car is back in the focus. The Detroit Electric SP:01 is a vehicles you have probably heard about before. It should be a small electric light car with the performance to match anything from Mazda, Audi TT or, if we may, from the entry levels of the Porsche Cayman and the Boxster. In October last year, we have seen the first information about this car actually becoming a production vehicle and now the Detroit Electric revealed a number of details depicting the car.


As it turns out two versions of the SP:01 will be available. The entry version Pure will be something like the lowest grade thing Detroit Electric will offer. That, of course, doesn’t mean it’ll be bad, because, the data shows it’ll still have the power to accelerate to 60 in 5,6 seconds and that is not bad by any means. On the other hand, the top notch vehicle will be the Performance with a whole lot more power and with the possibility to accelerate to 60 in less than 4 seconds. That is just blasphemy, isn’t it?


It may well be that Detroit Electric is trying to start up its business the same way Tesla started it way back when they’ve introduced the Tesla Roadster. Just look at the facts. Detroit Electric is using Lotus Exige architecture (Tesla used Lotus Elise architecture), they are producing small, light yet fun sports car with electric propulsion in it (the same as Tesla) and they will market it in the US. So, the recipe for the creation of the all new electric car brand starts the same way as always – with cutting edge sports car. And to further support that claim, we just saw that Koenigsegg boss is actually looking for a way to produce “normal” cars using some of the tech he invented by developing high-end sports cars.


Detroit Electric isn’t big for now. It is a small company which started way back in 1907 and it was revived in 2008 just at a time when Tesla Roadster hit the streets. A number of delays crippled all the hype about the SP:01, but, finally, we have a chance to see it rolling out of the production line. Unfortunately, the US aren’t the place where it will be produced. Detroit Electric made plans to produce it in the United Kingdom and we can’t actually be crossed about it because this thing is based on a car from the UK.


All in all, the SP:01 Pure is powered by a 200 HP electric engine sourcing its electric juice from the lithium ion 37 kWh batteries. According to the Detroit Electric spec sheet, the thing will be able to cover around 180 miles before running out of juice. Amazingly, both versions (Pure and Performance) will have the same range.


The SP:01 Performance on the other hand is powered by a 286 HP engine. The 2.590 lbs car is capable of reaching 60 in 3,9 seconds before reaching the maximum speed of 155 mph. As we know from before, the exterior elements were created using carbon fiber while the lightweight construction thought out by the Brits is nicely utilized for the electric propulsion. It seems that the Exige architecture (basically the same as the Elise construction) is perfect for this kind of electric car. Tesla started and created its empire using it.


Unfortunately, we are not sure what the price of this car will be. According to some previous reports Detroit Electric plans to produce 999 units of the SP:01 and each unit will cost $135.000. A lot, but you can’t expect anything else.



Safet Satara
About Safet Satara

I do not have spare time. All there is is car time. 12 years and counting. I am a Central European gearhead, but you are probably thinking - aaa a disposable Borg drone! Well, actually, I like to dress up like James Bond too. The only thing I need to be him is an Aston Martin (and I love DBS more than DB5 because, reasons). That's something I guess.

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