The Dodge Challenger Hellcat Reaches 850 Horsepower Thanks to Hennessey Performance

This Hennessey Hellcat Boasts 850 HP!

Updated October 1, 2018

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is one of the most talked about vehicles to come from the US in the last couple of years. Every Hellcat model (currently just the Challenger and Charger, but more may be on the way) has one thing in common: a 707 Horsepower supercharged Hemi V8 engine.

Hennessey Challenger Hellcat 1

It seems like everyone has an opinion on the Hellcat. Some think it is a pointless toy for middle-aged men, while others praise Dodge for upping the ante when it comes to the horsepower you can get in a car under $100k. Few people are of the opinion that the Challenger Hellcat is under-powered, but that demographic apparently exists. Case-in-point, the Hennessey Performance HPE850.

Hennessey Challenger Hellcat 2

The power comes from a new ECU and pulley for the supercharger along with some other extra bits like a high-flow air filter and new throttle body. The setup doesn’t change much under the hood and the results are impressive to say the least.

Hennessey Challenger Hellcat 3

Hennessey Performance seems to gravitate towards high-horsepower American cars and have gained quite the reputation over the years for their technical endeavors. The VelociRaptor pickup showed that they could do more than just tune engines, and their Venom supercar could hold its own against some of the fastest cars in the world. Applying all of this to the purpose of squeezing more power out of the engines of family cars and the like is a pretty logical step.

Hennessey Challenger Hellcat 4

The question remains; who in their right mind would want to get more power out of their Challenger Hellcat? Clearly 707 horsepower is already difficult to get to the ground without a whole ordeal, 850 would just make the car less practical than even the stock Hellcat. I appreciate that someone out there is really seeing how much they can get out of the impressive powerplant under the hood of Dodge’s flagship muscle car. This is not the last we have seen of Hennessey Performance and this is certainly not the last tuned Hellcat you will read about on Autowise.




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