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The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Is Ready To Pounce.

Updated August 12, 2014


 So, who knew that Dodge would be the one’s who put themselves out there in a sense that they have made a 2 door sports coupe into a demon from Hell. As a matter of fact, the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is a car that seems to be stepping out from the shadows, and is looking for someone to destroy.

 Now, what we have here is a car that has been created for the sole purpose of fighting with everyone, and anyone who dares to try to step up and oppose this Hellcat. At or around September of this year the Chrysler Brampton Ontario plant will begin producing this nonchalant looking Challenger Hellcat for those lucky people who want to own something that has a damn good chance of taking on the likes of the Corvette C7 Stingray, and Camaro ZL1. Now for those Ford guys out there who are thinking, “Hey what about us?” The 2015 Mustang technically isn’t a contender for the simple fact that, there isn’t a full on Shelby version of the Mustang yet, so the Ford will have to stay at home for this party.

hellcat dodge challenger srt

Well the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat has the world buzzing due to its more than unusually powerful engine. The simple stats on this monster are as follows. The Hellcat comes to dealerships with an overly tested, severely modified, and supercharged aluminum 6.2L HEMI V8 engine that boasts an amazing 707HP, and over 640 pound feet of torque to the rear wheels. This number represents a couple of things. One, this will be the most powerful Dodge to roll off of assembly lines, and two this will be the most advanced Dodge coupe to roll off of the assembly line. As a matter of fact, while I still have your attention, let you in on some more specs on this marvelous beast

hellcat dodge srt challengerof a car. Mated to this behemoth engine are two transmission options. The first would be a 6 speed manual, or an 8 speed Torque Flight automatic transmission. After that point you will find two more amazing options. The first being a selectable Driving Mode that comes equipped with 4 options. Default, Sport, Track & Custom settings allow this car’s full potential to be utilized at any given moment. The next big ticket item that the 2015 Hellcat comes with is, are two key fobs. Now in my personal opinion Dodge/Chrysler borrowed this idea from the Bugatti team, in its application, and usage. There’s a Red Key & a Black Key. The Black Key only allows the car to drive with about half or a little more than half of the car’s true power. The Red Key literally unleashes the beast from within.

 Inside of the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat the driver will 2015 dodge challenger srtfind tons smooth leather that envelopes them from front to back. But before you begin to enjoy the sweet smell of success, you would have to wonder what’s going to happen when you have to turn your brand new semi tamed lion over to an untrained individual. Dodge thought about this, and this idea came from nothing more than pure experience. You as the driver will take the time to create a four digit pin for what is known as, “Valet Mode”. OH Yes people!!! No more heavy footed, gum steeling, change pilfering Valet drivers trying to find a way to test the power of your Hellcat as they find a parking space for your baby. Valet Mode will cut the power to the engine, limit the RPM’s to about 4000, turn on the Stability Control, and disengages the paddle shifters. It sounds so shady, but whatcha gonna do when you give the key over to a complete stranger who you have to trust for a few minutes? It works for me.

 Besides all of the work that went into the engine bay, you also srt hellcat dodge 2015have a few exterior nuances that are a throwback to the Dodge Charger of the late 1960’s. Vertical fins in the grille, a slightly swollen but functional Cold Air hood scoop, heat extraction vents, and a very functional air port that sits on the drivers side of the car. Aside from that you get the graphics, the logos, the lower splitter, and a very ominous, and angry looking front fascia that seems to want to stab you in the night. Wrapping up the look of the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat are a serious set of standard 20 x 9.5 inch Hyper Black, “77” eight spoke wheels that are normally wrapped in Pirelli P Zero Nero tires. They seem to give this car the ultimate in Battle Stanced looks. There’s no pricing on this monster just yet, but you gotta know that everyone will be looking for some one on one competition with more than a few cars. Drag races with 2014 Mustangs, circuit races with Corvettes and Camaros, and then a grudge match with the Mighty Godzilla himself. 2015 is shaping up to be a pretty epic year.


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