The Donkervoort Bare Naked Carbon Edition Is The Best Thing Since Coca Cola

Published April 26, 2015

What on Earth is Donkervoort doing in order to survive and build magnificently stupid machines which are so cool and fast and perfect that we’d like to move to Netherlands only to be closer to them? Look at this thing. It is something like a child dream come true, or a Darth Vader mobile for us living creatures. It’s astonishingly idiotic and so mad, it is hard to grasp the lunacy and wondrous nature of this thing. You know what this is!? Remember those crazy Batmobiles, KITT Car, or that Ford Falcon from the Mad Max!? Well, mix the lunacy surrounding them all together and you’ll get this – the Donkervoort Bare Naked Carbon Edition. It is a Hollywood car, no question about it.


Imagine this, Donkervoort makes mental cars (take a look at this Bilster Berg) and if that were not enough, their chief Joop Donkervoort said, let’s build a D8 GTO out of carbon. But, we are not talking here about building the car’s exterior out of carbon or some parts, but the whole thing. This, what you see on these pictures is the best representation of a full carbon fiber built car. The tubular chassis is made out of carbon, as the seats inside, as the exterior panels and even the things like the seatbelt and rollbar trim, headlight housings and the ignition-cylinder. Well, that is just pornography. Actually, it really is pornography (if you’re 18+ just google “Bare Naked”, select images and you’ll see what are we talking about).


So, they’ve made everything from the material we’ve all become so fond of. Interestingly, they did not reveal what is the weight now. We know for a fact that the D8 GTO weighs a bit over 1.550 lbs, but this should be quite lighter. The lunacy about losing weight made the Donkervoort offer the car only with the UV exterior coating thus saving a few kilograms of paint. Apart from not receiving the paint, this thing isn’t much different from the usual D8 GTO. Of course, the main and the most important changes are made to, well, the whole car. Everything has been manufactured out of carbon fiber which was created in-house (yes, Donkervoort knows how to do it).


They, however, do not know how to make engines, but they found “the right church at the right place”. Audi is their long time partner and they supplied them with an impressive engine – a 2.5 liter turbocharged five cylinder which is capable of delivering 400 HP and 332 lb ft of torque. Nutz. The engine inside is so monstrous it can propel the regular D8 GTO to 62 in less than three seconds. Top speed is, probably for safety reasons, limited to 158 mph.


Now, the Donkervoort Bare Naked Carbon Edition is even faster than that. It is lighter, it’s possibly even stiffer and do take a look at that black carbon fiber mesh on it. It must be worth a few HPs!


The price was not disclosed, but Donkervoort said that the first one was already delivered to a customer in Switzerland. We can only wonder how much does this thing cost, but be sure it cost a few hundred thousand dollars. No way it could cost less.


And yes, we want one, like yesterday.


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