The Ducati 900SS by Atom Bomb Reveals Some Impressive Upgrades & Specs

Updated March 9, 2015


            Shaping the way we view old-style motorcycles and reinventing them might be unknown to some bike-enthusiasts, but Atom Bomb has been doing it for far too long. The Ducati 900SS, made in 1996, has been revamped with definite improvements on all forefronts that a motorcycle can be modified. The Ducati 900SS by Atom Bomb, or commonly the Eleven, is stylized modernly and shows no past age discrepancies.


To go on a quick run-through of Atom Bom’s changes, we can look no farther than things such as the aluminum framework on the body, and other points. Atom Bomb also recycles Showa forks from an old Suzuki GSX-R, and raial brake calipers from the same model. Atom Bomb tinkers with performance quality as well, swapping its limited tank with a 4.5 gallon sustainable one. To note the reworks of the engine, it was remade and adjusted with fast parts according to Clay Rathburn, Atom Bomb’s builder. The mixed feeling about the original Ducati lead to the building of the Eleven, and one key negative was that the suspension wasn’t up to modern standards. With a flexing frame and time on his hands, Rathburn and Atom Bomb, the Ducati took a new form. The body-work was completely from scratch, with added Aprilia RSV front wheel Others ieces added to the Ducati 900SS by Atom Bomb, are the custom foot controls and front fender brace, a powder coated performance one at that. It was undisclosed what the engine’s true capabilities are, but we know that there are upgraded carbs, Fast by Ferracci high compression pistons and flowed heads and manifolds.

Atom Bomb -002

The substantial differences between the original Ducati and the revamped one are seen above, but mainly of performance. To delve in deeper to the aesthetics, we can simply looks at images and examine the differences. The ’96 900SS was stale and was stuck in the past with no differentiating traits. Today, the bodywork is mainly aluminum and the vast amount of coils, pistons and such are visible to the viewers, giving the effect of a rugged look. Although rugged may come off as a negative, Atom Bomb makes sure that each component of the bike is fresh and polished. To set a minimum, the original Ducati’s top speed was 110mph, 80 horsepower, V2 engine and had a 6-speed gearbox. Powered by massive suspension, performance and power enhancements, we anticipate the numbers that will surpass the already superb 1996 vehicle, the Ducati 900SS by Atom Bomb.






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