The Ducati Spirito Elettrico – An Electric Ducati With A Top Speed Of 205 MPH!

Published April 1, 2017

A very fast and technologically advanced Ducati made an appearance at the Osaka Motor Show, and it’s not what you’d expect. It’s an electric Ducati – with an incredible range and a ferocious top speed. Last year, we’d heard that an electric Ducati was in the pre-concept phase, but now it looks like their ready to move into production.

A little while back we showed you a cool limited edition Ducati, it was a celebration of the partnership between two iconic brands: Ducati and Diesel. The title of the article may have been a touch misleading as many of our readers were disappointed to learn that the Ducati Diavel in question wasn’t equipped with a diesel engine. But now things have taken a different turn. We haven’t got a diesel powered Ducati for you. We have the opposite. We have an electric Ducati instead.

Everyone’s doing it. Honda have partnered with Mugen to deliver top quality electric machinery. Yamaha have developed a few cool concepts of their own. Suzuki have dipped their toes into the electric department too. And hell, even Harley Davidson have jumped on the green bandwagon. Despite every other manufacturer taking small steps into the electric motorcycle department, we’ve almost heard nothing from Ducati. Until today, that is.

The Insanely Fast “Spirito Elettrico” Electric Ducati

According to the press release, the performance figures are incredible. This electric Ducati claims to have a top speed of 205 mph, which puts it just under the Lightning LS-218 – the world’s fastest production bike. It might not look capable of the speeds, thanks to the lack of a flyscreen at the front, but at the click of a button, the screen activates giving the rider the much needed wind protection. The unprecedented speed is truly impressive, and comes thanks to innovations that Ducati have made whilst tinkering with their 12V Desmocedici model – a special motorcycle that Ducati only sell to a very small demographic of riders.

As with the 12V Desmocedici, Ducati designers have capitalized on the use of ultra-light plastics, carbon fiber weaves, and aerospace grade aluminum to keep the overall weight down, and the maximum power output high. This electric Ducati ticks all of the right boxes for an electric motorcycle. The design language is futuristic, edgy, and minimalist. However, it does come equipped with a cool hub-center steering system, and a carbon fiber swing arm. Where you’d usually find Ducati’s iconic L-twin engine, you’ll now see the electric motor and battery pack.

The battery pack is what really sets this apart from the crowd. According to Ducati, the machine has a staggering range of up to 450 miles in economy mode. The Bologna factory has claimed that it managed to achieve this feat thanks to the clever tweaking of the battery system from the aforementioned 12V Desmocedici model that surfaced last year.

The new power pack has been wired with universal plugs, allowing it to be charged from any type of power outlet, no matter where you are. The universal nature of the batteries also allows riders to charge a wide range of technology through the bike, from the obvious smartphones and tablets, to more commuter friendly accessories like travel hair dryers and electric kettles.

But What Made Ducati Go Electric?

At first, we guessed that it was just to keep up with the Joneses, however, we understand that Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali recently had a go on a Ducati Hypermotard that was modified to accommodate a Zero FX engine, and he was delighted with the results and praised the builders who put it together. Ducati’s North America boss Jason Chinnock stated in an interview back in 2016 that Ducati would go electric “when the technology is at a point where we can deliver an experience commensurate with the spirit of the brand.” And it seems like the technology has arrived, and Ducati are ready to go.

We’ve got no idea when this is likely to go into full production, or when it will receive a proper unveiling. However, we’re just pleased to learn that an electric Ducati really exists – an electric motorcycle that has the power and range to convert even the most dedicated petrol fanatics. It’s almost too good to be true. Today must be April 1st.

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