The Evolution Of The Honda Accord

Updated September 21, 2015

Evolution can create incredible change and is the foundation of human existence as we know it. For all living organisms, evolution can be the means of change that brought man from the sea and mammals back to the ocean. In the world of machinery, the evolution of technology has created some of the most incredible modern products we use everyday thanks to developments in human ingenuity.


Over the years, there are few cars that have been able to truly evolve and transform into a brand new beast. Many car models don’t last more than 10 years, and fewer have hung around since the 1970’s only to improve in style and efficiency. The Honda Accord (created in 1976), started with humble beginnings and evolved into one of the most popular cars on the market. It’s a classic at any age and only gets better with time.


Accords always rate highly in road and emissions tests as the model has expanded from a compact to a mid-sized to a full-sized road car. Originally, the boxy design was meant to be an everyday sedan but soon became a coupe and a station wagon. While new models are made every year, a new generation of consumers are buying older versions of the Accord from trusted online retailers to make their own custom modifications. The combination of speed, adaptability and affordability means you are buying raw power with your money.


The 2014 model of Accords boasts a 2.4 liter “Earth Dreams” four-cylinder engine with a six-manual transmission. The newest models also have an adaptive cruise control system. As it evolves, Honda is moving towards a two-motor hybrid system for engines, which will be all-electric and gasoline-electric, making it easier on the environment and your wallet. As the model of the Honda Accord changes with the time, it is only getting sleeker, faster and more sophisticated.


However, many have a soft spot for models from certain years and therefore choose to buy used Honda Accords. These cars hold their value and are known for being reliable workhorses that will get you through a tough Canadian winter of driving. There are many options of where to look when beginning your search for a used vehicle, but many will agree the best way is to simply look for used Honda Accords for sale online. You can find the exact make, colour, year or any other thing you’re looking for without ever having to deal with a used car salesman. Shopping online for cars means that you can get specific about what you are looking for and can deal with the individual seller on a face-to-face basis. Make sure to ask lots of questions about the car’s history, transmission and mileage so you can get the best deal. Buyers have the power in a seller’s market.

2013 Honda Accord Sedan Touring

The Honda Accord is a great car, and whether you are buying one just off the lot or a used car that you can customize, you should feel good about your decision. Reliable, powerful cars never go out of style. Soon, your new Accord will become a valuable part of your lifestyle.



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