The Ferrari F12 GTO Digitally Rendered By X-Tomi Shows The Future Of Utter Lunacy

Published August 13, 2015

Jeremy Clarkson publically said that the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta has too much power. He said that they should have keep the power output under 740 HP, but they did not. Power seekers like us always ask for a dash more juice from the engine and, thankfully, Ferrari did not listen much to what Jeremy had to say, and they delivered. Right about now, Ferrari is in the late development stages of the newest prancing horse whose engine, architecture, looks and image will dwarf anything the Maranello based company produced up until now. Of course, the LaFerrari is from another planet and has an electric engine so it would not be fair to compare the new naturally aspirated wonder with a Hybrid.


The pictures we published here reveal the possible look of the newest car. Digitally rendered by X-Tomi, a Hungarian designer, these pictures show in great detail what the new car will look like. No one knows did Tomi get it right this time! Thankfully, we have a number of spy photographers out there who spend hours waiting for the car to pop up somewhere in front of the Ferrari headquarters and they did catch the sickest version of the F12 in great details.

Before we sink into the design and possible tech underneath it, we have to say that up until this moment no one actually found out the name that this thing will bear. Some say it will be called the F12 Speciale, others claim it will have the famous moniker GTO and we are certain Ferrari will be happy with one of these two names. The Speciale has some flair to it. Especially after the 458 Speciale which was a lighter, more powerful and hardcore version of the 458 Italia. The new F12 will be all that if compared with the magnificent F12 Berlinetta.


Now, the design features on the new car will be more in line with track-ready Ferrari cars from the past. That means that the F12 Speciale/GTO will not be the sleekest looking Ferrari, but it definitely will be the fastest and the most track capable Ferrari with a naturally aspirated engine of all times. It is not by chance that it comes out in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Remember the Aventador SV!? Well, this will be its nemesis.

From what we can see on the X-Tomi rendering and from the spy pics, the new Ferrari will have carbon fiber built aerodynamic elements all over the body. Active aerodynamics up front with an active rear spoiler and flaps on the back made us think of the Ferrari 458 Speciale which brought all of this stuff into play. To our amazement, the bonnet and the front fenders may have openings at the sides which aren’t covered with any panels. The F12 Berlinetta has great side profile aerodynamic properties unseen on any other car. The F12 Speciale/GTO will bring everything to a whole new level.

Aside from the new design features, the new lightweight hardcore Ferrari will be stiffer, lighter and ready to tackle any track in the world. According to leaked details, the F12 will lose 440 lbs, it will gain some serious suspension and architectural upgrades and it will have a more powerful engine. Bear in mind that the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta engine is still the most powerful engine Ferrari ever produced, so the new one will have to push the boundary even further. Some say the 6,3 liter V12 will have 760 HP, while others are mentioning 800 HP. Whatever it is, the new F12 Speciale/Berlinetta will be the fastest and the most capable Ferrari of all times. We reckon it will be as fast as the classic version (211 mph), but it will have better traction, it will accelerate a whole lot faster and we hope it’ll attack the Nurburgring the same way the Aventador SV did and get the lap done in less than 7 minutes.


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