The Ferrari F12tdf Is The New Most Powerful Non-Hybrid Ferrari Since Ever

Published October 13, 2015

A long time ago, when Top Gear was Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson said a sentence we will never forget – “Ferrari F12berlinetta has too much power”. Fast forward to the present and the new F12 is out. Guess what! It has even more power. In the Ferrari world, more is always better, but in the real world, it is not. Imagine getting spanked by a long whip whose tip is traveling faster than sound. Well, would you say give me more!? Actually, some would, but that is not the point. The point is that the “award-winning” V12 in the Ferrari F12berlinetta is that whip – it will spank you so hard that every neuron in your head will tell you – “pass out, it will not hurt then.”


It seems that driving the Ferrari F12berlinetta was tailored for skillful supercar drivers who know what it means to have 730 Ferrari ponies at the back wheels. Now, the tdf came along and it tried to make this whip more powerful but bearable. How!? 4WS. If you really know your stuff around cars, you will remember that 4WS means – four-wheel steering. If we are to believe Wikipedia, 43 different cars throughout history had this system, but we are not quite sure that is correct. What we know for sure is that even the cars from 25 years ago had the system. Right now, the most famous car with it is the Porsche 911 991. Porsche recently released a video about it – you can check it out here. Well, Ferrari did something similar and the system basically makes the car more agile, it makes it turn faster, have better stability when cornering and makes it all together easier not to die in. Also, it virtually shortens the wheelbase – you know – front wheels turning one side, the back the other and the car behaves like it has a shorter wheelbase. Physics or magic – whatever suits you.


That is an important improvement for the F12berlinetta because of this. Of course, every car can be smashed but it is easier when you have the most powerful engine Ferrari ever built under the bonnet. Read that once again – THE MOST POWERFUL ENGINE FERRARI EVER BUILT. Four wheel steering and a couple of other electronic safety gizmos is the least lunatic Ferrari engineers could do to tame all that *hit. And, we are certain, they have tamed it just right for the lucky 799 owners to enjoy. That is all the F12tdf cars that will ever be – 799. A neat number. Well, the 800th could go to the Pope. The 400th Enzo did, so… Actually not! We get that back – the new Pope is good in a Hyundai too.


The racing heart in this awesomely aggressive car is the same V12 6262cc engine. Only now with 40hp more. It gives 770hp and 521 lb-ft. More than the Aventador SV and that is all that matters. As a large coupe, the F12berlinetta had a few pounds more than it should, but this new version trims it out just perfectly. The weight is down by 240 lbs which is a considerable amount. To achieve it, many thick layers of insulation, leather and that stuff were reduced as much as possible. Also, the aero kit on the outside is full carbon-fiber built. Actually, Ferrari reports the new body kit enables “significant increase in downforce – +87%.”


To sum it up, let’s just think about this thing for a moment. It has less weight, more power, better steering (heck, it steers like a forklift), much better aerodynamics, wider tracks and a tweaked version of the F1 DCT gearbox among other things. How fast is this? The F12berlinetta was brutal, but just by reading all the improvements, we have to ask ourselves is this the best big Ferrari ever!? It has to be. It simply has to be.


And yes, one more thing – the name. tdf stands for Tour de France. Ferrari had major success racing there in the Fifties and in the Sixties, so not only is this car awesome, but it is a homage to some of the most amazing race cars ever. It even has a number of aero features recalling the old days. Air ducts at the sides are the same as on the old Ferrari racers. It is a nice touch.

ferrari-f12tdf-05 ferrari-f12tdf-04


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