The Five Cars Nobody Wants To Buy Anymore

Why Is No One Buying These 5 Cars?

Updated November 17, 2018

Cars are similar to mobile phones in the sense that one model comes out, attracts attention, everyone wants one, and then all of a sudden a new version is available and the original is pushed aside. The unpopular cars are commonly the cause of car lot owners’ complaints, as they struggle with sales and a lack of available ground space for other vehicles. Another time that cars are swiftly swept aside is when the concept car is grabbing headlines, everyone is excited about its release, and then for some reason it is an instant failure by not meeting the high expectations. A cracking example of this is the spacious, 5-seater Pontiac Aztek. The idea initially seemed appealing, but in reality you would never live it down if you actually owned one. Everything from the actual design to the overall quality was a total disaster.

BMW 650i Coupe - Cars That Flopped And No One Buys

Admittedly, that is the biggest vehicle disaster of all time! Buyers are prone to purchase the cars considered current and on-trend, leaving the unpopular SUV, station wagons and so forth to pile up and become rusty. The failing economy also critically impacts the sales of cars, with the public unlikely to buy gas-guzzling, expensive to maintain models. At times of financial strain, the cars with less recognized brand names are often left without a buyer.

An interesting data analysis, courtesy of ‘Good Car Bad Car’ began in March of this year, identifying the 20 most difficult cars to sell. As expected, many cars on this list were old and piling up in the car lots. Surprisingly however, some models of today were also established as being the top 20 least likely to sell cars. The five cars that are becoming impossible to sell are listed in this article, in descending order according to sale reduction rates.

05. BMWi3


In 5th position on the name and shame list is the car pushed onto the public as the pioneering car they had to own. It was heavily marketed as the car of the future, with an emphasis being placed on the electrical aspect. Over-priced and under-performing, this car is proving to be unpopular. Within the space of a year, sales of this vehicle slumped by a massive 64%. BMW is struggling to shift these now, only selling 332 in the entire month of March this year.

04. Chrysler 200


Released only one year ago, the Chrysler 200 was predicted to be popular in terms of sales figures. The external body work is smart and pleasant to the eye. The problem was not the appearance, but rather the poor driving performance that put it number four on the worst selling cars list. The chief at FCA degraded the car by literally referring to it as a failure, followed shortly after by the decision to stop producing this model from 2018. In the past year, sales of the Chrysler 200 dropped a dramatic 67.8%.

03. BMW 6 Series


Surprisingly, the 6 Series takes the third position on the list of cars nobody wants to purchase. This smart, sleek, and sophisticated car, is rapid, responsive, and comes in a variety of styles including the coupe, convertible, and the gran coupe. Of course, there is the M6 machine often ranked as one of the best in the world, so why has the BMW 6 Series found itself as an official worst seller? Astonishingly, sales for this model reduced by a devastating 84% within a 12 month period, making it obvious as why it deserves its 3rd place after all.

02. Mini Paceman


Within the short time of one year, sales of the Mini Paceman dropped by a massive 86.6%. Embarrassingly, in March, a pitiful total of 15 were sold. The design of this car isn’t effectively being targeted at a consumer group, and the two-door car is often referred to as the cheap Evoque – doing nothing to improve its status. Despite the cost-effectiveness of this car, the buyers are not convinced, resulting on the dreaded second spot on the worst list in the world of automobiles.

01. Mazda CX-9


A favorite seller a decade ago, in 2006, but nowadays nobody is showing an interest in Mazda’s biggest and bulkiest SUV. With a 92.1% drop in annual sales stats, this surely deserves the ultimate title of the car nobody wants to buy. Interestingly, and possibly bravely Mazda is releasing their new 2016 version of the CX-9. Only time will tell how the public will react to its introduction to the sales rooms, but with such horrific sales just a matter of weeks ago, we are not overly confident.



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