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The Ford Breast Cancer Awareness Drive.

Updated October 6, 2012

Courtney Force Traxxas Mustang Funny CarAs some of you out there may, or may not know, that this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we at Gearheads have found a solid, and purposeful link between honoring the cause, and talking about the automotive industry.

For a long time, Ford has been leading the way in getting people involved with Breast Cancer Awareness for many years now, and this year they have made sure that millions of people will know of how important Breast Cancer Awareness Month really is. Ford has been a great supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness, and not only during the month of October either. They have been running a year long campaign for those women who have either lost loved ones to Breast Cancer, or themselves suffer, and battle with the disease itself. Their campaign is called Ford’s Warriors in Pink, and it has involved everything from designing stylish new ladies outer wear, to hosting evens where a current model Ford vehicle is wrapped in a Breast Cancer Awareness vinyl motif, and then goes on a nationwide tour to continue to promote Breast Cancer Awareness. If you were to ask Ford executives about this, Kenseth Pink Fusionthey would say that dong those acts of kindness won’t compare to what’s going this month.

This month alone, Ford sponsored drivers from different race venues will be adorned in the Breast Cancer Pink colors for just about all of their respective races. Ford believes that this is a solid, and number one way to bring millions of race fans’ attention to what Breast Cancer does to everyday people. This is a debilitating disease that takes lives everyday, and we as everyday people, need to take a minute to notice what’s actually going on. There will be two main forums that will be host to Pink colors this month. The first is NASCAR, and the second, is in the NHRA Drag Racing circuit.

The first of many that will be sitting pretty in pink this month will be Matt Kenseth in his number #17 Ford Fusion NASCAR race car. He will be racing his car at the very well known Talladega Super Speedway this weekend. His cooperation came by the means of Roush Fenway Racing, and the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Talladega Pink NASCARNext up is Courtney Force who is the extremely well known daughter of Drag Racing legend John Force. Courtney Force will be finishing off the season in a Pink Traxxas Funny Car, Ford Mustang. Courtney was thrilled to be able to take part in the Breast Cancer Awareness movement by racing in her Pink Mustang. (You can look for her to be at the strip in Reading Pa. This weekend.)

Another great name in racing is doing what he can to support the cause, and the man attached to that name is non other Greg Biffle. Greg, and his Roush Fenway #16, 3M Ford Fusion will also be sporting the Pink colors in support of the cause this weekend at Talladega Super Speedway. Other racers such as Clint Bowyer, and world famous Go Daddy sponsored racer Danica Patrick will also be adorned in the Pink colors for this weekend’s race. Bowyer stated, “If I’m going to wear pink & drive in a pink car, it better be a good cause!!” He continued, “And this is a good cause!”

Breast Cancer is a very serious condition that everyone, knows about. Whether they have been affected directly, or Talladega Breast Cancer Awareness Mustang Pace Carindirectly, it’s something we as sensible human beings need to address. It shouldn’t take mutli-billion dollar companies to dress up cars in Pink just to grab your attention. (It doesn’t hurt.) If anything at all folks, just Google Breast Cancer Awareness, and take 10 minutes to explore the limitless ways you can get involved. The easiest thing you can do for a person is talk to them, and make them feel that a complete stranger knows who they are, and that they are not alone in this fight. I’m Lawrence German, and I Thank You for reading. Be Well.


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