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The Ford Mustang Apollo Edition Is A Throwback To The Most Amazing Space Program Ever

The Apollo program was and still is one of the most exciting endeavours the US scientists and US culture have ever done. Going to the Moon, “not because it is easy but because it is hard” is something every American and every human in the world should be proud of. Even today, the events that took place in the Sixties and in the Seventies as part of the Apollo program are inspiring many of us and lately, inspiration for the creation of a one-off Mustang was sourced directly from that program. Interestingly, NASA’s currently most exposed affair is their love affair with Pluto. Luckily, everything went according to plan and finally we have the first high resolution pictures of the Pluto’s surface. This is a big year for astronomers and for everyone else really.


However, we have to look a bit closer as the newly revealed Mustang is called the Ford Mustang Apollo Edition and it is created to celebrate the whole program and to be auctioned at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2015 on July 23rd. Based on the Ford Mustang GT, this white piece of American pride has some interesting elements on it that differentiate it from all other vehicles produced by the company. In order to link the Apollo program with the Mustang, Ford painted the Mustang in two tone Black and White paint thus evoking the colors mostly seen on Apollo missions. Interestingly, the underbody orange lights are there with a purpose. They are representing the Apollo Crew module reentering the Earth’s atmosphere. As it is known, extreme heat is generated on the outer edges of the module and the orange underbody lights on this Mustang represents just that. Special elements on the outside also include carbon fiber front splitter, new rear diffuser and a special black spoiler which looks kinda nice on the latest Mustang GT.


Other exterior changes include the addition of 21 inch wheels and if you look closely, this car is a bit hunkered down in comparison with others. That is due to the installation of the sport tuned suspension which made the car a better performer on the track.


The interior also received Apollo Edition only features. Modified instrument cluster, unique sill plates and some other elements are created in order to near the Apollo mission features to the modern vehicle. They’ve certainly succeeded in doing so.


The most important change for all the car enthusiasts happened under the bonnet. The five liter V8 we know rather well received a significant power up. The engine develops just over 400 HP in its stock form, but with the addition of Ford Performance supercharger, new sport exhaust, a better cooling and slight remap of the ECU, the engine is kicked to produce 627 HP and 840 lb ft of torque. That is a lot no matter what.


We do not know the performance of the beast, but it is safe to assume that the Apollo Mustang can hit 60 in less than 4 seconds and that it will be sold for a nice amount of money at the auction. All the money gathered will go to the EAA youth education programs which means that the Apollo program is doing us a favour even today. Thank you NASA and thank you Ford.



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