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2013 Ford Mustang at SEMA

The Ford Mustang. SEMA’s Hottest Car of the Show.

Published November 1, 2012

What’s going on everybody, thanks for stopping by during your busy days of work, or clean up from our most recent, and record breaking weather related events. Being a native New Yorker, I know all too well what it takes to come back from a hurricane such as the likes of Sandy, but if anybody knows anything about New York, we don’t sleep, we don’t give up, and we don’t EVER quit.

2012 SEMA Show, Mustang Now, on the lighter side of all things cars, we need to go over two things. One, is this year’s SEMA Show, and two, the Ford Mustang. What do these two subjects have in common? Allow me a few minutes of your day, and it will all soon become clear. At the SEMA Show hundreds of cars are brought in to be gawked at, drooled over, and most of all judged. Judged by a secret panel of people who know ALL THINGS cars. These hand picked judges critique everything from how shiny a chrome bumper is on a ’67 Cadillac, to how many millimeters there is between your tires, and your wheel well. Everything is looked at, and everything is judged, but after it is all said, and done there is one award that automotive manufacturers covet for the simple sake of bragging rights, that award is called, “The hottest Car To Customize” award. Here’s where the Ford Mustang comes into play.

For the past two years the Chevy Camaro has been winning this ever so coveted 

SEMA 2012 G.A.S.award, and has allowed every Camaro owner to look at his, or her Camaro with just a little more pride than everyone else out there. Not so much this year. The Ford Mustang has snatched that title, and in doing so has made pretty bold statement. That being, the Ford Mustang is a car that will never go away, and will continue to evolve with the times. This award proves how dedicated we as Mustang fans, as well as drivers can be.

Now, there’s a good chance that a lot of you car Ring Brothers 2013 Mustangfanatics out there are saying how is this possible? Here’s the skinny on how it came to be. The basic criteria of this award is simple, any manufactured car that has the highest total of customizable parts would win the award, or in short, more people want to customize Ford Mustangs than they do Chevy Camaros. Make sense? You may be able to find dozens of kits for a Camaro online, but the numbers show that there are at least 4x as many kits, parts, and accessories that are readily available for any mustang anywhere in the world. Of course the Camaro was only reintroduced to the U.S. just a few years ago, but the Mustang has been tricked out for decades, and that train is never going to stop. Period. Personally I’m glad that the mustang got one in the bag, and I hope they do it again next year.



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