The Ford Shelby GT350R-C Is A Race Car Created Out Of A Track Car

GT350R-C to be even more of a handful than the car it’s based on

Updated September 7, 2018

Get this! Just a few moments after Chevrolet released their new 2016 Camaro Convertible, Ford graced Internet car heaven with the first pictures and information about the newest car they’ve produced – the Shelby GT350R-C. Given the ripe American muscle car rivalry in this country, there’s not a chance in hell this was done by accident or mere coincidence. While these two cars are basically in two totally different ball games, we’re going to have to side with Ford on this one and say that this new monster Shelby is much, much cooler than a convertible Camaro any day of the week.

Ford Shelby GT350R C Front 3/4

The name tells us something. This is definitely a car based on the rather sharp and mighty new Ford Shelby GT350R. Ford only recently honored us with all the details about the power source inside and the data they’ve released is rather impressive. A flat plane crank, some smart weight balancing shafts, a little bit of ECU trickery and eight cylinders totaling 5.2 liters of capacity makes the engine of the GT350R a rather serious player. Officially, the V8 develops 526 HP and 429 lb ft of torque which is good enough for making the new ‘Stang quite a car.

All of that awesomeness has been transferred to the GT350R-C and, from the looks of things, the engine was actually completely untouched in the creation of the GT350R-C. This is a race car which will take part in the 2015 IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge, and since the GT350R is already an incredibly capable road-going track car, all Multimatic Motorsports really had to do was get it competition ready.

GT350R C IMSA Endurance Racing

Making a race car out of the GT350R wasn’t that hard. Essentially, the crew just had to strip out all the unnecessary weight, add in an FIA-compliant roll-cage, racing seat, five-point harness and fire suppression system, and make some additional changes to the suspension. Making a race car out of a road car requires changing out some of the daily-driver equipment with something a little more hardcore. The new suspension setup consists of adjustable coilover MacPherson struts with race-specific bushings, ball joints, and adjustable dampers, adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars, and multi-link independent rear suspension also with ball joints, race-specific bushings and adjustable dampers.

With the most powerful naturally aspirated engine Ford has ever produced, race-spec suspension and some tweaks to the aerodynamics, this Shelby is ready to take on anything at the 2015 IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge.

“Ford is committed to the Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge and we’re very happy to be campaigning its product here,” said Larry Holt, team principal of Multimatic Motorsports. “We like the endurance format, and the racing is always intense. Strategy plays a big role; the cars must be fast and reliable, and there are always at least 10 contenders running door-to-door for two and a half hours. It is the perfect home for the GT350R-C.”

GT350R C Side Profile

This car will obviously see some action as part of the Multimatic Motorsports team. It even received a nice outside livery showcasing its racing pedigree. Interestingly, it is reported by some that this Ford Shelby GT350R-C is the spiritual successor of the Boss 302R and, with that in mind, we have to say that it has a lot to live up to. Even the revived Boss 302R was a quite capable machine, but the one from the Sixties and the Seventies is a true beast.

Still, we knew when we first saw the Ford Mustang GT350R in all its glory that it was going to blow some people away and be one incredibly capable machine. Now that someone is actually giving it the tools to rep its brand on the track in a proper race setting, the sky is the limit for the Shelby GT350R-C and we can’t wait to see just what it’s capable of.

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