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The Fully Customizable Italian Volt Lacama: The Pinnacle Of Electric Luxury

This is the Italian Volt Lacama: Italy’s luxurious answer to the electric revolution. This radical electric motorcycle is available for pre-order right now! Well, if you’re into electric motorcycles, that is. It’s been a busy few months for the electric motorcycle industry: we’ve seen massive design innovations, we’ve seen a few flops, and we’ve even seen plans for the affordable Evoke machine too. Where Evoke have gone cheap but cheerful, Italy’s Volt have taken their luxurious Lacama plans and them into an exclusive reality.

The Italian Volt Lacama: Made To Measure

They say a picture can speak a thousand words, but these ones really aren’t that helpful. Sure, we can take a look at the futuristic bodywork, praise the edgy design language and generally give opinions on the looks depending on how we feel. But that’s not the problem with electric technology. They almost always look great…but how they work and how they perform are really the most important things. So let’s get down to the details.

Though we’ve got no specific details about the motor being used, whether it has been developed in house or if it’s an outsource job, we do know that it comes with a very attractive battery package and a respectable range. The roadster will be equipped with a “Combo DV” charge system that can recharge the bike to 80% in a rather swift 40 minutes. The range per charge is roughly 120 miles, which is very impressive compared with a lot of other electric machines on the market, and it’s expected to come with a multi-compatible charge facility.

With the battery at full power, the Italian Volt Lacama will be able to deliver 208 Nm of torque, accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds, and reach a (limited) top speed of 111 mph. For cruising around the city and slightly further afield, it’s a nice package – however, the maximum weight we’ve been given is a little on the hefty side. We’ve been told 245 kg, which is about 540 pounds in old money – about 45 lbs lighter than a Hayabusa, or about 150 lbs heavier than say, the Suzuki SV650…So it is heavy, but when you’re at the mercy of batteries, there’s not much else for it.

Individual Bikes For Individual Riders

All that aside, the crowning feature of the Italian Volt Lacama is the “tailor made” ethos that will surround every unit produced. Every bike that’s ordered will be fully customized to suit the needs of every individual rider. The bodywork will be available in 5 differing versions to meet different riding criteria, bespoke custom parts will be available to meet specific requirements, and the add ons and extras like Ohlins suspension or Brembo braking packages are as customizable as you can imagine.

On top of that, the nerds at Volt have developed a special mobile app that allows riders to fully control the behavior of their motorcycle. You’ll be able to see the battery life in real time, assess the charge times, check where the bike is at all times, swap through rider profiles, and adjust all of your settings remotely. By “settings” we mean the desired level of engine braking, customizable torque maps, and a whole host of other techno wizardry.

One of Italian Volt’s founders, Nicola Colombo explained their mission: “Driving an electric bike is an unprecedented experience, comparable to the pursuit of happiness: the driving is quiet, easy and enjoyable. We strongly believe in the potential of the electric bike market, but we are aware that the conversion will take a long time and a lot of work. That’s why we aim for high quality, refined design and innovative features. Lacama is an object of desire, a status symbol dedicated to people who love challenges and innovation.”

There’s no official word on the price yet, but we’ve seen the figure €35,000 being bandied about. That’s about $38,000. It’s expensive, but it’s tailor made. Interestingly, it comes in cheaper than a lot of electric bikes on the market and offers a lot more. If you’re interested, give Italian Volt an email and see if you can pre-order your way into the luxurious electric market…



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