The Future of Supercars: Trion Nemesis

The Trion Nemesis RR: Price And Specs

Updated September 25, 2018

Trion Supercars officially announces the production of its first Supercar

After the official confirmation from the American cars manufacturer Trion Supercars to start the production of Trion Nemesis, the super car lovers can now expect another hell of a Super Car. The car is intended to be supercharged with an unbelievable 2000 hp. The super car is already in its early stage of development and if the news is to be believed we may get to see the first prototype in February 2015. The full scale production shall begin in 2016 in collaboration with California based N2A Motors. In fact, the advance orders are already purchasable for the 2000 hp model with a total of 50 available units along with a few more models.

It hasn’t been too long when Trion Cars was founded in 2012, and Nemesis is going to be their first ever production car.

Trion Nemesis RR

Unmatched Power! The Trion Nemesis RR Specs:

The engine is proposed to be a twin charged V8 engine with an incredible power of 2000 hp. Trion has claimed that once on roads the supercar will easily take on any of the European supercars with ease. Well, looking at the specs it’s clearly possible, but then it’s all on papers, and yet to present with the first prototype. Trion Supercars claims that it will be able to go from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds, and the top speed would be 270 mph. The car is expected to have eight-speed sequential transmission gears.

Trion Nemesis RR 2

Designed For Elegance And Comfort:

Apart from its exceptional power, the supercar is deemed to come packed with a mesmerizing design.The supercar is fashioned by the hands of most skilled artisans of America. Clearly the design is sleek and elegant to be admired by all. Each and every inch of the car is perfectly shaped from front to the rear. All models of the supercar are alleged to easily accommodate drivers up to 6’4” height, while the hardtop can do that for those with a height of 7’0”.

Trion Nemesis RR 3

Inside the supercar comes packed with all sorts of displays in order to access the customization of the Nemesis powertrain alongside many pre-existent function choices. The “Predator Mode” will alter various modules such as suspension, exhaust, interior illumination, rev limits and height.

If you’re planning to go to the golf club right after a lavish lunch, should you worry about going home back and change cars so as to accommodate the golf clubs? If you are driving Trion Nemesis, the answer is no. You need not change your car. The car though may seem compact in its own way along with a spacious driving space the car also features a precisely developed rear trunk that can accommodate luggage and even golf clubs. Trion Supercars also claims that the Nemesis is not only fashioned to be loved but also be driven.

Trion Nemesis RR 4

The supercar also comes fitted with dynamic aerodynamics which can be customized as per the driver’s preferences.

And The Trion Nemesis Price?

If my babble has convinced you enough about the excellence that comes with this supercar, and the budget suits your pocket (a very huge pocket for that matter), I must enlighten you with the final details. The purchasable models are Nemesis RR, with a total of 50 units at a base price of $1.6M, Nemesis RR Black Ops with a total of 9 units at a base price $1.98M and Nemesis GT with a total of 100 units with a base price of $1.2M.



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