The Garage Built BXR Bailey Blade XTR

This BXR Bailey Blade XTR Ain’t No Ordinary Garage Built Beast

Updated September 25, 2018

Normally when the words “garage built” are being used in regards to a fancy sports car, it is not considered a good thing. However, the new BXR Bailey Blade XTR is the exception to the “sports car being built in a garage” stereotype. With a beautiful exterior that matches the interior, people are expecting that when the price tag of this vehicle is finally released, only the one percent will be able to afford the fast beauty. The BXR Motors company, after years of promises, finally released this sports car and now experts and professionals are gawking at all that the BXR Bailey Blade XTR includes inside and out.

BXR Bailey Blade XTR 1

Inside Features of the BXR Bailey Blade XTR

The greatest thing about the new BXR Motors sports car is that it has about seven hundred and fifty degrees of reachable horsepower in five point liter Coyote V8 engine; meaning one things: this car can go fast. The BXR Motors company set out to make the BXR Bailey Blade XTR a classic American beat of a machine and they absolutely managed just that by using a top notch engine that can produce top speed horsepower. The six speed transmission system accompanies the Coyote V8 engine famously in order to provide a smooth and fast drive. The BXR Bailey Blade XTR can reportedly go over sixty miles per hour in three point two seconds which shows that the transmission and engine work in perfect harmony to create this easy to drive speed demon.

BXR Bailey Blade XTR 2

Even though the car can go over sixty rather quickly and is capable of driving at top speeds, the BXR Motors company is the first and very quick to say that the BXR Bailey Blade XTR is meant for race tracks and roads rather than speeding on the highway. With a body of about twenty-four hundred to twenty-eight hundred pounds, you may not want to do much speeding down bumpy roads and just stick to the track anyways.

BXR Bailey Blade XTR 3

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

If you are the type of person that misses the classic look of the old time American muscle car exterior and interior aesthetic, then the BXR Bailey Blade XTR is definitely the best choice. With top racing speeds and a giant amount of horsepower that it is capable of, save up your money because you will want to fork out as much cash as you can when this sports car is finally released on the market. The beautiful, immaculate interior is enough to make even someone who does not appreciate sports cars drool and it can be kept in that pristine condition if taken care of by the right person. Make sure to only buy this vehicle if you are a serious racer, otherwise you may not be able to handle the flawless six speed transmission and Coyote V8 engine composition when you are driving down the weaves and turns of the roadways.

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