The Good, Bad and Ugly Prom Cars

Published September 23, 2014


I’m not saying the car got the girl, but look at me. The car got the girl.

When you’re young, dumb and full of coming of age tales; there seems to be those that believe that their prom night is magical and meaningful. Then there are the gearheads that believe it is simply a time to strut their prom cars and in this article we see that some did this in an epic manner and some at least tried.


The roll cage insures no backseat fornication is possible


She’s a keeper


Why so serious… about prom – Joker 2006


Perfect with multiple puking portholes

If you knew then what you know now, I would like to think prom would be even better than an overhyped method of frivolous expenditures and more of something like out of American Graffiti. But unfortunately there are those faculty members and police personnel that take the event far too damn serious and thus it is a neutered event where no street racing is possible and you would most likely get slapped with a fine for even chirping the tires. Sure there is usually alcohol and high horsepower and we all know those two don’t seem to mix well but when you are gearheads that have wrenched hours on your prom cars then the last thing you wish to do is put that car in harm’s way.



Well sons 1,2,3 & 7 you were conceived in the Limorator


Sorry sir but livestock can not be considered a prom date


Almost spelled it right


No car will ever be cool enough for this couple

I personally kicked my prom date out of my car cause at the time I had just gotten my 3000GT VR4 and she wanted to pick up her gown that was down a gravel driveway. This was impossible to do, so I made her walk the drive because I just spent hours detailing the damn thing and I had so much tire shine on that it would have looked like whitewalls after driving on the gravel. Am I the asshole because I refused to assist the lady? I think not. But later on a bunch of us had some very fast cars for the evening, some being their parents vehicles and some being the personal vehicles and it was easy to tell who hadn’t had to work for theirs and it was also apparent that many vehicles would need new clutches after the nights affairs due to the lack of driving ability.



Now these folks seem to have taken the extra steps to outdo their fellow school chums and I’m sure in most cases it paid off.


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