The ‘Green’est Cars Don’t Always Have The Fewest Emissions – Got Hemp?

The Hemp Car we want to see return

Updated May 26, 2017

Auto manufacturers are always looking for the newest, most innovative ways to improve their product, save production cost, and become more environmentally friendly.  One such innovation just happens to make their customers happier.  And their competitors are green with envy.

Hemp has been used for centuries for its ‘medicinal’  as well as its mechanical properties.  Some of these ideas make one wonder if the designer was smoking his manufacturing media.

Lotus Elise Eco Concept Car

hemp lotus elite

Lotus has developed composite hemp panels to replace more traditional fibreglass  in the development of their Lotus Elise Eco Concept Car.  It reduces weight even further, and the raw organic look really is quite beautiful as well.

I wonder what kind of resin is used in the hemp panels…

BMW i3

hemp bmw i3

Hipsters and drug-sniffing dogs go crazy alike for the BMW i3.  Not only does it significantly reduce the weight compared to its class competitors, the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt, but hemp biotechnology is already used in production vehicles!

hemp car- ford

Hemp used in manufacturing is not a new idea.  In 1941 Ford conceptualized the Hemp Car, known as a car ‘Grown from the soil’.  As with fibreglass panels in most current cars, hemp was used to model and shape the forward-thinking automobile. Ford was way ahead of their time in introducing such a prototype.  Obviously it never got off the ground, but…look at the grin on Henry Ford’s face.  Where do you think that came from?

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

hemp c-class

Mercedes C-Class cars  are driven by many businessmen and ‘businessmen’ alike.  And the new ones come factory equipped with over 40 pounds of hemp! That’s more green than Willie Nelson!

A person could light one C-Class on fire at Woodstock and keep the party going for a week!

Hemp Plane by HempEarth

hemp plane

This is the only plane that will take you high without leaving the ground.

Derek Kesek, a former organic food restaurant owner, now operates HempEarth, a company manufacturing a four-seater plane out of industrial grade hemp.  The Hemp Plane is made up of 75 percent hemp, and is even designed to run on hemp-based biofuel.

SimplyCity  Van

hemp simplycity van

This unusual looking contraption must’ve been conceptualized under the influences of hemp.

The SimplyCity Van is meant to be a low-cost, no-frills electric alternative to conventional transportation.  It uses wood and hemp fibers to reduce weight up to 30 percent.

Earthrace Trimaran

hemp ady gil

This 78-foot world-record breaking vessel was both manufactured from hemp composites and tuned to run on hemp bio-fuels.  It circumnavigated the globe in just under 61 days, proving that hemp does make the world go round.

Upon its retirement, the vessel was renamed the Ady Gil under the tutelage of The Sea Shepherd anti-whaling Conservation Society.  It was involved in a collision with a Japanese whaling ship and sank.

The collision could have been prevented if the crew wasn’t huffing the hemp bio-diesel fumes.



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