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Hamann 2013 BMW 6 Series

The Hamann BMW 6 Series Tuning Kit.

Updated September 4, 2012

Tuning group Hamann has done it again, by setting the auto world a blaze with yet another awesome project car for the auto world to drool over. For those of you who don’t know Hamann is an automotive, customizing, and tuning group based in Laupheim Germany. Their claim to fame has always been 2013 BMW 6 Hamann Kitworking on very popular, and powerful European vehicles. (As if they would have it any other way?) BMW’s, Aston Martin’s, Audi’s, Range Rover’s, and Lamborghini’s have all received the Hamann personal touch, one way or another.

This time around Hamann has blessed a 2013 BMW 6 Series with some, over the top style, and looks for some lucky person to flaunt while driving this beauty around town. The 2013 BMW 6 Series is an already great looking car, but what if you have the owner who says, “Great is only OK”? Well obviously you give your car over to the car gurus at Hamann, and sit back and wait for the vehicular magic to begin. The Hamann Motorsports team created a few major designer pieces for the 6 Series. Starting with a complete body kit, the BMW 6 Series was skirted from front to back. Bigger air vents in the front fascia add to the more aggressive look of the 6 Series. Side skirts, maintain the low hunkered down look, that most drivers live for. A reformed rear bumper, plus a rear skirt finish off the lower portion of the BMW. 2013 Hamann BMW 6Hamann also threw in a Carbon Fiber hood, complete with fully functional engine heat exhaust vents built in, a very slender rear deck spoiler, and 20” Multi-fin wheels to assure that this car means business.

This Hamann customized 2013 BMW 6 Series is nothing short of being the next best thing since thier last project. The Hamann built Range Rover Evoque. Being that this kit is so new, the Hamann team have decided to keep all of the juicy details under lock, and key until they see fit to let the world know BMW 4dr 6 Series hamann Kitwhat comes with this kit, and how munch it going to cost you. There have also been some speculations as to Hamann tweaking the 4.2L V8 power plant in the BMW, for those who think that a non-modded stock motor is the worse thing in life, next to your mother in law coming by for a visit, after “Aunt Flow” has left your house. (Just think about that for a second, or two. It’ll come to you.) This BMW doesn’t look like any other 6 Series on the streets, and simply enough that’s the point. To bring something that has been, and still is awesome, to a whole new level every single time. I mean tuning and modding can be performed by any small shop in the world. That point was proven when a handful of guys in Slovenia turned a 115hp FWD Kia Cee’d in to 250hp RWD track car. The point is, Hamann sets the benchmark higher every time they roll out another stunning project. Lowering the bar is not an option for these guys, but making life harder for ALL other tuners, is.



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