The Hemisfear. A Classic Among the Many.

The Hemisfear by Chip Foose

Bow Down Before The Awesome Chip Foose Hemisfear!

Updated October 21, 2018

When the word “Custom” is spoken what comes to mind? The typical things like, big wheels, wide tires, a crazy body kit, even a wild paint job that speaks wonders of the person who painted it. A lot of that may be true, but what is really “Custom”?  There are few people in the automotive industry that take the simplicity of the word custom and make all their own. Well specifically one man, and he is Chip Foose. Now I wont get into long detailed backgrounds about this man, I’ll just say a few things. Chip Foose is a man who pays attention to details, and that’s because it’s what his father drilled into his head, all his life.

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Chip is the man who will ask you, “How do you sit in your car?”, to determine how high the bottom of the rear window should be, on the car he’s building for you. One of his mantras are, “When you create something new, it needs to look like it was supposed to come that way from the factory”. This has been true of all his works, his mechanical artistry. That same mantra led him to build the vehicle we’re here for today. The custom car called the Hemisfear.  The Hemisfear is a completely One-off, ground up custom street rod, that took over 16 years to come to fruition. Chip first designed this car as a project during his last year in college, and barely had very little time to complete it while he worked for the late great Boyd Codington. It was only in 2005 that the necessary funds came along to allow Chip to build not one, but two of these masterpieces.

The Hemisfear was the basis of Chrysler‘s Prowler Concept, and it also paved a way for the Street Rod market to be born among consumers in America. As I mentioned before the Hemisfear is a completely custom car. Everything from the Modular Steele frame, to the complete Carbon Fiber body, to the Hotchkis front & rear suspension. Chip even designed the wheels himself for this project. A set of 20” chrome wheels reside snuggly next to the Hemisfear Lime Green Pearl painted body. Also a custom made color by BASF. The power comes from Chrysler’s own 6.4L HEMI, that has a set of machined Zoomis that set the look of this to, always sinister. No known power numbers were ever really reported, but when a car like this built, it’s usually meant to be seen, and rarely heard.

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The Hemisfear’s interior was done in a very classic , and simple fashion. The fabrication team over at Metalcrafters put together a marvelous array of stitch work, and color to make the interior as beautiful, as it is inviting. Now we have seen other car builders make cars similar to this, but one main feature sets the Hemisfear apart from the rest of them. The simple fact that Chip made sure that his HEMI motor did two things. One sit behind the driver, and two look like a diamond that sits on top of a Platinum band, every time you open the semi see through rear engine cover. The sheer brilliance of design form, and function of the Hemisfear is simply amazing. Chip Foose has been a man who has found a way to make something small like a bolt on a frame, appear to be one of the crown jewels of the entire car. Works of art like the Hemisfear, are cars that will be talked about for years to come. We as car enthusiasts, can do nothing more than look in awe as we wait in anxious anticipation for the next great project to come rolling out the Chip Foose camp.



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