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The Hilarity Over Oregon Self-Serve Gas Pumping Continues

Whether they’re trolls or serious, there are some funny moments coming out of the Oregon self serve gas law

There’s something just delightful about seeing the fire that self serve gas pumps have lit in Oregon. Here we are about a week into legal do it yourself refueling and the comedy continues. It seems that the state has been full serve for so long that people well into their adult years just have no clue. The social media posts, memes, and news reports are making the start of the year a great laugh for the rest of us.

Follow this guy’s lead:

Some Comments Coming Out Of Oregon Are Unreal

While the 4+ million people living in the state may not enjoy being mocked, some people are making it just too easy. On one hand, there are people nearing retirement age who can’t tell the difference between diesel and gasoline nozzles. On the other hand, we have Millennials afraid that they will somehow burn alive performing the simple task. At this point, it’s hard to tell who is serious and who is hopping in to troll and make it worse.

A change in the law now allows self serve stations instead of all locations having to be full serve. Full serve pump attendants are not instantly disappearing but some comments make it seem so. The new law specifically targets counties where there are fewer than 40,000 residents. However, the way some of the reactions are coming across, you may think there’s an instant world change. If it’s as bad as some people are making it out to be, we’re surprised we can’t see the flames from here.

Self Serve Has Benefits, Oregon!

The benefits of doing it yourself just don’t seem to be clear to some people. You don’t end up reeking of gasoline and it is incredibly hard to ignite your car, unless maybe you drive a Smart For Two. Luckily, the top selling car in the state is the Subaru Outback which is very straightforward for a fill.

There’s also lower prices at the pump for being able to insert a nozzle and pull a handle by yourself! While it may seem petty, there’s also no pressure to tip anyone because there’s no service being offered. Despite what some people say, there are rarely roving bands of vagrants and ruffians coordinating attacks at gas stations.

Listen, minority of people who are drawing the majority of criticism on behalf of everyone else in Oregon. This is a very simple task which most of the rest of the world can do with ease. Maybe take a minute and think about the situation before making the rest of the country think you’ve lost it. Otherwise, the jokes at your expense, like the one above, will never end. You’ve got this, Oregon, just don’t forget to put the nozzle back in its holster before you drive away.


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