The History of Land Rover

A Brief Overview Of Land Rover History

Updated September 3, 2018

The Land Rover Origin Story

The British manufacturer that is known for their vehicles as having incredible off-road capabilities was started in 1948 making it the second oldest will drive manufacturer. The first Land Rover was designed in 1947 by Maurice Wilks. The first Land Rover origin story came about when Wilks designed a versatile vehicle based on a World War II Jeep that he used on a summer holiday. Wilks was the chief designer at the Rover company and for this project, he based his new vehicle design on the Jeep chassis. Wilks and his brother saw the potential for the development of the prototype as it would utilize Jeep chassis and a Rover engine. The design was meant to allow for simple and cost-effective instruction making the Land Rover as affordable and durable as possible. Following shortly after the prototype the rover company would introduce its vehicle at the Amsterdam Motor Show. The vehicle would instantly become a success which would lead to the Rover Company exporting its Land Rover to 68 countries within the first year of production. In 1950 the company would make several improvements that they saw were needed and by 1951 the rover company would be installing a more powerful engine in the vehicle.

History Of Land Rover 1

By 1954 Land Rover had introduced 86” and 107” models with the Land Rover 107” utilizing a station wagon body. Was in the same year that Rover would begin introducing a diesel engine option for the Land Rover. In 1958 the new Series II Land Rover would be introduced in two different sizes, the 88” and 109” and becomes a continual success for the company. By 1955 the Rover Company had built 250,000 Land Rovers. In 1965 Rover would negotiate with General Motors on the design of an alloy 3.5 L V-8. In 1967 rover would become part of British Leyland and have built over 500,000 Land Rovers and beginning concepts for the company’s new Range Rover model begin with the finished product going on sale in 1970. The Range Rover was to be an ultra-versatile vehicle that could be a very capable off-road vehicle while still providing a comfortable ride for everyday use as well as a powerful towing capacity.

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Changing Ownership In Land Rover History

By 1971 construction was still continuing to go strong for the company and was in this year that they would introduce the Series III. The Land Rover Series III with introduce an all-new transmission as well as a more effective braking system. In 1975 the parent company British Leyland would be nationalized due to its bankruptcy yet Land Rover sales continue strong as it would build its one millionth vehicle the following year and help to support the company. In 1988 company by the name of British Aerospace would take over the Rover group which would be known simply as Rover. In the 1990 rover would introduce the Land Rover discovery which was to be priced under the Range Rover and allow off-road capabilities while still maintaining everyday luxury and livability. In 1994 BMW would take over the Rover group and during the same year with introduce the second generation Range Rover. This was a landmark moment in the history of Land Rover.

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Modern History Of Land Rover

BMW would have control of the company until it sold the Land Rover branch of Rover Group to the Ford Motor Company in 2000 for 1.8 billion GBP. We finalize Fords purchasing spree of premium grade vehicle companies including Jaguar, Aston Martin and Volvo. For make changes such as using a Jaguar V-8 engine as well as introducing the Range Rover Sport. In 2007 Ford would find itself in a financial bind and would have to start selling companies from its premium line of auto manufacturers. In 2008 view was finalized Ford selling Land Rover and Jaguar together to Tata Motors India. By the time Ford Motor Company had sold Land Rover and Jaguar to Tata Motors, the two companies were already sharing many of the same distribution routes in dealerships internationally making the transition easier for the company.

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Today Jaguar Land Rover is a private unlimited company that is still under ownership by Tata Motors. The headquarters for the company are still located in Gaydon, Warwickshire, United Kingdom and continues to deliver capable off-road vehicles as well as luxury SUVs. Jaguar Land Rover now employees over 13,000 individuals and produces sales over 200,000 vehicles annually. Land Rover currently produces four different models starting with the base model LR2, Evoque, LR4, Range Rover. These vehicles come in different trim levels. Land Rover is also extended into different markets other than SUVs as it has endorsed handbuilt bicycles by Pashley Cycles, 3-wheeler pushchairs, and Coffee.



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