The History of Lincoln

The History Of Lincoln Dates Back To 1915 And Spans All The Way To The Present Day

Updated September 2, 2018

In 1915 man by the name of Henry Leland had a reputable name for starting Cadillac and was the driving force behind the formation of Lincoln. Leland was a long time admirer of Abraham Lincoln and in honor of him Leland chose Lincoln to be the name of the new motor company. But Lincoln didn’t start off building many automobiles, in fact the company started developing and producing Lincoln aircraft engines using components supplied from Ford. These engines would be used during World War I in 12 different aircraft models and in several different tanks. At the time offered, the engine provided a superior power to weight ratio as well as simplicity making it continue to function in the event of an issue. After World War I the Lincoln Motor Company retooled its facilities in order to start producing luxury automobiles.

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Early History Of Lincoln

Sales of the vehicles did not go over as well as Leland had hoped. There had risen throughout the Lincoln Motor Company and in 1922 the company was sold to Ford Motor Company. Buying the Lincoln Motor Company was the sort of personal vendetta for Henry Ford as Leland had led investors to oust Henry Ford from the Henry Ford Company which would be renamed after Leland took control and changed to Cadillac. When production was in control by Ford Motor Company the luxury line of vehicles quickly became some of the top selling automobiles in their class. The vehicles would take on such manufacturers as Cadillac, Duesenberg, and Packard. It was in 1936 when Lincoln would introduce one of the most successful models of the time. The Lincoln Zephyr was smaller in size than standard Lincoln of the day yet it still offered a V-12 engine that would go on to increase Lincoln’s sales by nine times its original amount annually.

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In 1939 Edsel Ford wanted a one-off Lincoln concept car that utilized European styling. The vehicle was built upon a Ford Zephyr chassis but was elongated and had exterior styling cues that differed from this Zephyr. The Lincoln Continental would gather much attention and would be honored by design by the Museum of Modern Art New York and would be declared the most beautiful car in the world by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. This would start the Continental division of Lincoln that would build custom luxury cars and in 1948 production had been seized as well as heavily slow down due to World War II, the company managed to sell over 5300 Continentals. In the 1950s Lincoln introduced a few new vehicles such as the Lincoln Lido, Cosmopolitan, Custom, Mark Series, Premier, and Sport. Lincoln then in 1956 introduced the Continental Mark II and would start off with a basic list price of $10,000 which would turn away some customers but the vehicle still would continue to sell.

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In 1961 a new Continental would be introduced sporting the unique design that would change their outlook on the company as it offered vehicles that were totally unique. 1968 led to the introduction of the Lincoln Mark III as well as the Continental III that both supported the uni-body construction problem was is that Lincoln had spent too much money developing the construction of the vehicles therefore losing $60 million in a two year time span.

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Modern History Of Lincoln

In 1970 Lincoln Continental redesign are entirely new wheelbase making the vehicle length of 127-inch. The vehicle was offered with several V8 engines as well as the Town Car special edition that’s would later become its own line of vehicles. In 1981 the Lincoln town car becomes its own vehicle and utilizes the 5.0 L V-8 that is also offered through several other Ford vehicles. Throughout the 80s and 90s Lincoln was continuing to share components from its Ford and Mercury vehicle and the Town Car continued to be a top seller for Lincoln. In 1998 Lincoln decides to get into the luxury SUV business by introducing the Navigator. The navigator goes over well with customers and helps bring new customers into the Lincoln brand.

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Today Lincoln currently offers five models from with several different trim levels such as the Lincoln MKS, MKT, MKX, MKZ, and the Lincoln Navigator. Lincoln has decided to go with more contemporary styling that also has a flair of nostalgia. So far it has not been received well by its customer base therefore causing Lincoln to go back to the drawing board in order to revamp models the upcoming years to come.



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