The History of Nissan Motor Company Ltd

A Brief Overview Of Nissan History

Updated September 2, 2018

Nissan is an automotive manufacturer that is known around the world and although vehicles make up the company’s core they also manufacture forklift vehicles for industrial purposes as well as outboard motors for marine purposes. Currently Nissan is the sixth largest automaker in the world and is influenced by the French automaker Renault at the company owns 43.4% of Nissan while in turn Nissan claims a 15% stake in Renault.

History Of Nissan 1

The roots of the Nissan Motor Company started with the Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works in 1911. The company would begin development of its first Nissan car known as the DAT. The company soon started to expand its lineup in the years to come as it would offer trucks as well as the Datsun passenger vehicle. The company would also change his name to the DAT Motorcar Co. in 1925. The company would continue to expand its operations as well as merge with another auto manufacturer that would be a subsidiary of Kubota. 1931 the company would introduce its latest and smallest vehicle known as the “Son of DAT” or Datsun. Throughout the 30s company by the name of Nippon Sangyo would be expanding throughout Japan as it controlled several different industrial manufacturing plants and during its expansion it would purchase controlling shares of DAT Motors. Nippon Industries would be traded as the abbreviation Nissan through the Japanese stock exchange. In 1934 Nissan Motors would be founded with its first fully integrated assembly factory in Yokohama.

The Post-War History Of Nissan

During the 40s Nissan Motors would go through several different changes as well as after all its vehicle production completely due to World War II. After the war was over Nissan Motor Company would acquire interest in Minsei Diesel Motor Co which would later on be taken over and form the Nissan Diesel Motor Company. Nissan would also expand the reach into technological advancements by working with international companies such as a technological cooperation agreement with Austin Motor Company of the United Kingdom. In 1958 Nissan would start its first exportation the United States with the introduction of the passenger vehicles.

History Of Nissan 2

In the 1960s Nissan would expand its North American market by establishing U.S.A. corporate headquarters in Gardena, California followed by the production facility in Mexico. Popular vehicles such as the, at the time Datsun 2000 Roadster and 510 sedan would be introduced during the decade. The Datsun 2000 , limited to 1000 models for the US market making them a collectible today. In 1969 Datsun introduce this “Z” model as in 1970 model for the American market.

With the rising prices of insurance as well as the 1973 oil crisis we saw Nissan’s largest market being United States be in need of smaller and more fuel-efficient vehicles. In 1973 Datsun would sell its one-millionth vehicle in the American market and would lead to Datsun becoming the largest US vehicle importer. Due to heavy import taxation Nissan were to open up several manufacturing facilities inside the United States. In 1980 Nissan motor Manufacturing Corporation is established at its Tennessee facility and Nissan’s financial division is established in Torrance, California under the name of Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation.

History Of Nissan 3

Modern Nissan History

In 1989 Nissan would introduce its luxury division Infiniti to the American market after the success of Honda’s Acura line. Through the 1990s Nissan’s state in the American marketplace will continue to prosper sales of its popular Sentra, Altima. and Maxima until later on in the decade. In 1999 Nissan faced severe financial troubles in order to save the company from bankruptcy, Nissan would join Renault. Renault would then appoint Carlos Ghosn to head up Nissan as their chief operating officer. With Ghosn as standing COO of the company, you would introduce the Nissan Revival Plan would be a large reconstruction of the company that would end up being one of the most successful strategies this date. The turnaround was so significant of Nissan that it helped boost the Japanese economy.

History Of Nissan 4

Today Nissan Motor Company and offers 18 different models in the US market and continues to merge in new markets. The company is aggressively pursuing new powertrain technology in order to increase efficiency for all of its vehicles. Nissan has started its own division of hybrid vehicles as it was previously dependent on the Toyota motor company for its hybrid and EV technologies. Nissan now produces over 4 million vehicles annually worldwide. Company also employs over 150,000 individuals and has expanded into divisions such as Infiniti, Infiniti Performance Line, Nismo and Autech.



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