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The Honda Grom Receives Serious Updates

The Honda Grom 2016: The Full Details

It’s called the MSX125 SF and it was recently unveiled in Thailand, along with a series of pretty cool commercials that show of the capabilities of the 2016 Grom. Since South East Asia is pretty hooked on the cool little runner, it was only natural that Thailand played host to the grand unveiling. The new look Honda Grom 2016 comes with some new bodywork, a new exhaust and a few other little cool features.

First things first, let’s take a look at the Grom’s new bodywork. According to Honda, the new styling has upgraded the appearance of the smart little 125 and has turned it into a “mini-streetfighter” – although, calling it that seems a bit of a stretch, the Grom’s new look is certainly more aggressive. The new side panels that give the top half and gas tank an “integrated” look is a welcome change, and gives the whole package a sharper look overall.

The new exhaust sits lower and compliments the Grom’s new upswept tail unit, which sits on top of a new rear frame structure that provides a little more space for a pillion passenger – god knows why you’d ever take a passenger on one, but having a slightly more comfortable option is a welcome addition. On top of the exhaust upgrade, Honda have also given the 2016 MSX125 a series of LED lights, the tail light and turn signals, upgraded the headlight to a dual unit, and upgraded the dash to a digital cluster. If that wasn’t enough, they’ve also added a new fuel cap and given the Grom a folding key. Which is a nice touch…

Engine wise, the Grom is the same as ever, coming with the standard 124.9cc air cooled single, which boasts a respectable 9.7 hp. Even though the bike weighs a mere 102 kg, it’s unlikely that it will perform as well as the Maze Runner inspired adverts lead us to believe – but they’re certainly still worth a watch, so we’ve popped ‘em below. Take the ads with a pinch of salt though, there’s more than a normal dose of CGI in them…

Now, if you’re looking for getting the most out of your Honda Grom, you should check out the Panigale powered one we featured a little while back. Or, if you just want one in standard form, you can buy the 2016 MSX125 SF in a choice of four colors, “Matt Axis Grey Metallic”, “Lemon Ice Yellow”, “Pearl Himalayas White” and “Pearl Valentine Red.” They’ll be in your local dealers sometime in the near future. Stay with us from more Honda Grom 2016 news.

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