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The Hyundai Vision G Concept Coupe Is A VIP Ticket For Entering The Premium Segment

This is the Hyundai HCD-16 Vision G Coupe Concept and it is possibly the best-weighted luxury car to ever come from South Korea. Have you ever wondered what do HCD and the number following it mean in the Hyundai world? Don’t worry. It’s not some kind of a virus but an acronym of the Hyundai California Design Center, with the number 16 telling us this is their 16th concept. Hyundai HND concept cars did great elsewhere too (HND for Hyundai Namyang Design Center in Korea).


The new Vision G Concept is quite an interesting concept. It made its first appearance at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and only in front of selected journalists from the world of motoring. What they captured at the unveiling is rather interesting and it shows absolute dedication of Hyundai for creation of a successful, appealing and intriguing luxury car. With two doors, sleek and elegant styling lines and timid appearance, the Vision G Concept looks like it can take on the best of them all. It looks like it could take on the Mercedes-Benz S-class Coupe. The design team headed by Christopher Chapman performed a truly amazing job. It is not every day do we enjoy the restrained, yet powerfully refined styling exercises like this.


With tamed appearance, but powerful and sleek lines, the Vision G Concept Coupe tells us the story about becoming a premium car. It checks many boxes in the world of premium and Hyundai is clearly sending a powerful message to anyone who has doubts about their intentions of pushing the Genesis brand far beyond anything we have ever thought it could reach. The Vision G has a coupe styled body with a fat roof, a large front grille nicely framed with garnishments on bumpers and aggressive front lights. As expected, it follows the footsteps of all the good cars from the past. Long bonnet, high beltline and relatively short rear overhangs combines classic styling and sports credentials with the cruiser character of the car.


This may well be the new Hyundai “hallo” car. They have the means to produce it and market it regardless of its profitability.


Apart from the restrained yet powerful styling on the outside, the interior is a place where the luxury excels. Quilted white leather on the seats, wooden inserts on the dash and on the seats, as well as large LCD screens behind the wheel and on the center of the console demonstrate the premium credentials. Instead of the classic gauges Mercedes and Audi use LCD screens and integrate them in new concepts. Hyundai is sending a clear message – they want a piece of the premium cake too.


As for the propulsion, Hyundai didn’t make anything spectacularly different than before. A very potent V8 Tau engine is inside. Now, with an updated timing chain, new exhaust manifold, remapped injection and increased compression, the engine is even better at delivering 430 HP to the ground. The five-liter eight cylinder is exceptionally well engineered and it even received a few awards from the panel of motoring journalists in the last couple of years.


All in all, the Vision G Concept demonstrates the willingness of Hyundai to touch the perfection level of the German premium brands. We remember that Lexus started its life long time ago and they did not quite yet master the premium as we would like. This truly is a long process. The cars can be great and perfectly engineered, but the image has to follow the suit or else.


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