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Japanese auto giant reveals its 2nd gen hydrogen fuel cell truck

Updated September 18, 2018

Experts and motor enthusiast know that Toyota is still not completely sure on the future of electric vehicles being the solution to sustainable transport. The automaker still prefers working with hybrid and hydrogen technologies even though it has now on boarded Electric Vehicle technology.

In Northern Michigan, at the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) Management, the Japanese auto giant unveiled in front of an audience filled with media and industry leaders it’s second-generation of hydrogen fuel cell electric Class 8 truck.  

Just a few years back the company openly stated that it did not intend to have an all-electric vehicle as they did not think it would practical at that point in time. Toyota decided that it would concentrate on alternatives, like fuel cell and hybrid vehicles. In late 2017, the automaker did a 180-degree turn by announcing that it would have 10 all-electric vehicles in the market by early 2020.  

Toyota has not taken a step back with hydrogen fuel cell development and this new truck show how important technology is to the company.   

The second generation of the truck has a 300 mile(482.8km) range on a single fill. This version now comes with a sleeper cab and fuel cabinet combination which would increase the space within the cab.  

Craig Scott, one of the senior managers for Toyota said that the company has achieved its goal with the first truck and now they are looking at commercial viability. He further added that the company is looking to make a difference in the air quality in the US and around the globe.  



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