The Kia Novo Concept Is More Important Than You Think

The Kia Novo is Beautiful, Sophisticated, and a Reminder of What Kia is Capable of

Updated September 4, 2018

Revealed to showcase the new styling philosophy which will be used for the next generation of Kia compact vehicles, the Kia Novo concept definitely mesmerizes viewers with its progressive, aggressive, and sophisticated looks. The Korean manufacturer, owned by Hyundai, is known for the development of intriguing Concept vehicles, so the Kia Novo Concept is just one more impressively styled study which might actually spawn a similar-looking compact hatchback and compact sedan. However, as the car was revealed at the Seoul Auto Show at the beginning of the month, it is quite clear that we will not be seeing much of it in the US.

Kia Novo Concept

The main question is, are we going to see Kia vehicles in the US with the styling elements sourced from the Novo Concept? Judging by the previous cars that came to the US, we can be certain that next gen Kia vehicles will adopt the styling characteristics of European and Korean Kia cars which isn’t bad at all. Looking at the Kia Cee’d we can see that European Kia cars already have some flair and while the Novo Concept will change their overall looks, the sporty character they’ve built in the last ten years will almost certainly stay strong.

Kia Novo Concept Side View

The Kia Novo Concept obviously has a coupe-inspired exterior look with a “coupeish” roof and a rather small bonnet. As it is based on the modified Kia Cerato (Forte) platform, the Novo is powered by a small front-mounted engine which actually doesn’t need that much space. That, of course, freed up space at the back, but it also makes the front end look somewhat cramped when looking at the car from the side. However, everything going back from the A-pillar is magnificent. Following the trend of four-door coupes, Kia successfully integrated the recipe which gives the car astonishing aerodynamic characteristics and the looks of a modern four-door car.

Kia Novo Concept Front 3/4

Surprisingly, the Koreans gave the Kia Novo Concept suicide rear doors. It is highly unlikely that we will ever see these kinds of doors on the series production car, but here on the concept these doors showcase the cabin without the B pillar – something that is very difficult to accomplish on a series production car due to safety requirements and high standards for architectural stiffness from the automotive industry of today. Regardless, suicide doors look amazingly cool on everything and not just on the Rolls Royce or the Mazda RX-8.

Kia Novo Concept Rear 3/4

Even though the exterior takes us a few years into the future of Kia vehicles, the interior is actually a centerpiece of the Kia Novo Concept. Formed to provide an exceptionally sporty feel, every element in the interior is focused toward the driver which means that Kia obviously tries to reach for premium heights despite its cheap-car character everyone is acquainted with.

Kia Novo Concept Side 2

Luckily or not, there are no large screens on the inside. Of course, the only large screen is behind the wheel, but that is really just a instrument panel. We are certain that cabins like this will eventually reach every series production car, but right now, humans cannot do without large screens managing all sorts of things through a touch display interface.

Kia Novo Concept Interior

All in all, the Kia Novo Concept simply is a car that will borrow its styling causes to every new compact Kia that will reach the market. We expect it to commence the transition between the Kia design of today toward the Kia design of tomorrow and it is likely, that this vehicle will become one of the most important courageous stylistic exercises that Kia ever did.


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