The Kuhl Racing Widebody Nissan GT-R Is A Slammed Godzilla Making It To The SEMA

This Nissan GT-R Slammed by Kuhl Racing will Blow You Away

Updated October 3, 2018

SEMA is almost here. Many have been preparing all their gear to show at the SEMA and all us gearheads are anticipating the show. One of the cars we are waiting for the most is the Nissan GT-R. True, Nissan did not make any official custom car to show there, but the third party companies did. One of the tuners already showcasing its sick customization program comes from Japan.

Slammed GTR Front 3/4 Top

This is the Kuhl Racing Nissan GT-R. The Japanese company excels in tuning GT-Rs and the newest one dominates the SEMA show. However, we have discovered something interesting about it! Sniffing the net and previous motor shows, it popped up that Kuhl Racing already revealed this body kit for this slammed GT-R. They revealed it before at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015. The only clear difference is the candy red paint “shocking” the exterior instead of the white paint job seen earlier.

Nissan GTR Slammed Rear 3/4

The main feature of the Kuhl GT-R is the widebody body kit which makes the intricate Nissan design quite astoundingly changed in many ways. This one looks like it received all the kit for some racing series. The only thing missing are sponsored banners.

Widebody GTR Kuhl Racing Twins

The front of the GT-R widebody is stretched out 2 inches while the rear is almost fattened up by three. This is quite a change and it undoubtedly affects the practicality and ease of drive of the beast. But, who really cares about that as the Kuhl Racing GT-R will definitely dominate the road scenery for a while!? A slammed GT-R is not an everyday sight. Expensive and time-consuming modifications are the only way anyone can bring this kind of intricacy to a GT-R. As expected, the most important feature is the integration of the Air Suspension allowing the Godzilla the stance of a modern show car.

Kuhl Racing Slammed GTR Side by Side

And a show car it is, despite the fact that Kuhl Racing will bring two of these maniacal cars to the SEMA. Of course, after asking properly and paying solidly, they will make one for you too. Since anyone in their right mind will fall in love with such a gorgeous widebody GT-R the second they see it, we imagine there will be no shortage of orders for this custom work of automotive art. All in all, we’d have to say this widebody slammed GT-R by Kuhl Racing is a genuine masterpiece. 

Kuhl Racing Slammed Nissan GTR Widebody Rear Side by Side

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