The Lambo Huracan Spyder Is Like A Victoria’s Secret Angel With A Nice Hat

Published September 16, 2015

It really is astonishing just how many new cars and news are coming from Lamborghini which basically has only two cars in offer right now. This year we are witnessing the third new supercar revealed by the St. Agata Bolognese based company. The Aventador SV and the Aventador SV Roadster were the highlights, but don’t think for a minute that the magnificence of the roofless locomotion is explored to its full potential. This is, quite frankly, what Lambo needed – a roofless Huracan, and after a short teaser campaign where they said that “the sky will never be the same again”, they’ve revealed what is one of the most amazingly looking convertibles of all times – the Huracan Spyder.


First things first. This thing has a soft top and that is how it is supposed to stay. As Rolls Royce noted when revealing their insane Dawn, soft top is perfect for cars of this pedigree and this pose. Admit it, retractable hardtops simply don’t have the elegance and the historic value as soft tops. It really is as simple as that. In addition, with the extremely complex and sophisticated multilayered soft top construction that nowadays don’t allow anything to penetrate the cabin, it would be a shame to use anything else on high-end convertibles.


The Huracan is most certainly a high end car. It is a supercar to the last bolt and the Spyder version just acquired all the super-tech the classic coupe comes with. Only the hard coupe metal roof got removed. In its place stands a magnificent 17 second tanog dancing soft top which can be had in black, brown or red hues. That is cool. Having a green Lambo with a red roof would be awesome, wouldn’t it!?


Now, there were some changes made to it to make all of this work like a charm. Wind deflectors and built-in duct were installed to calm wind when riding down the coastline. We aren’t even interested to know does it work as long as the V10 magnificence sitting behind can be heard in the cabin. And it unquestionably can be better heard. It can be heard even when the soft top is up since the rear small glass can be lowered anytime. This is a new feature for a convertible. The glass can even be lowered when raining. Since the car is moving forward, and fast if we may add, no water will come in.

Weighting at 3400 lbs, this isn’t a heavy convertible. With a few structure enhancements, the car doesn’t weight much more than the standard Huracan, which means that their performance is basically the same. 62 can be achieved in 3,4 seconds, with the top speed at 201 mph: all supercar numbers without a doubt. The same 610 HP engine lurks under the rear hatch now tamed with an extensive array of fuel saving equipment. It is silly to talk about fuel saving measures in a 610 HP car, but this one actually has a new start/stop system and cylinder on demand technology. With these, the engine will cut off at stops and half of the cylinders will go blind when coasting. The result is 19,1 mpg combined consumption. If this is  true, it’s out of this world.

As for the price, the MSRP in Europe should be somewhere around $210.000. We expect it to be a bit cheaper here in the US. Of course, that is before any additional equipment and if you want top-notch stuff, you have to pay top-notch money. The sky is the limit with customization properties.


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